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Top 5 Best Profitable Beauty Products for a Dropshipper Beginner


Dropshipping is not a new method of selling products, but due to the market changes worldwide and the desire of all people to work remotely from any point of the world, dropshipping received a new drive. A dropshipper is a person executing a Customer’s order without storage via direct requesting the goods at the Manufacturer, which also organizes delivery to the Customer.

Dropshipper’s main task is to find a trustable Manufacturer, organize with him an in-time delivery scheme, develop the platform for searching new Customers, collect the orders and distribute them through Manufacturers. A dropshipper will receive all difficulties in communication with the Customer and troubles with returns and unsatisfaction, but the Manufacturer still executes all main work. This scheme works perfectly when the Manufacturer does not want to deal with direct selling and prefers to work through distributors or dropshippers.

The most challenging task for a dropshipper is to find the product to sell, at least from which product to start. The choice should be based not on personal preference but on the solid analytics of Customers’ demands on marketplaces where a dropshipper will develop. The latest marketing research shows that the following categories are worth starting a dropshipping business: personal and health care, clothes for kids and women, baby products, hobby products, car accessories, electronics.

Best profitable beauty to products

Considering that beauty products are related to personal care goods, this choice for a dropshipper aims for success. Additionally, beauty products have long expiry dates and create a significant niche for further escalation. Bellow the most popular beauty products to dropship are proposed:

1. Electric brushes and dryers

Due to the current medical situation, women have to make themselves even for significant events. Without a particular type of electric equipment, perfect quick hairdressing is not possible. Electrical brushes and dryers can add volume, waves, curly hair, or long and shiny hair. The choice on the market is enormous, from different types, colors, models to small portative ones for tourist trips. Moreover, you can propose products with different prices for all types of Customers. The market shows stable growth for electric brushes and dryers and will reach more than 10 billion only in the USA by 2023!

2. Nail kits

For the same reasons as products in point 1 are on top of the sales report, nail kits are a good option for a dropshipper. This segment of beauty products consists not only of nail polishes but other accessories for home nail salons. The number of Customers is only growing, as many professional salons are closed now, and workers open small home offices. If you provide a good choice on your platform, the same Clients will return to you as nail polishes do not last long.

3. Hair removal products

Due to the intimacy of the hair removal process, most women and men still prefer to do it at home. It also allows saving some money. So, you can propose an epilator, creams for hair removal, brushes, wax bands, IPL, or laser removal units – the choice is unlimited for each type of pocket. IPL removal units have become more and more popular as they show stable effects without risks. For example, Amazon’s bestseller is Braun IPL Hair Removal costs almost 400 dollars, so it is unnecessary to sell something cheap to be profitable.

4. Makeup sponges

Sponges can be used as makeup removal as makeup foundation applicators. They cost nothing and are a perfect product to start dropshipping. Countless brands produce different types of sponges as they are constantly required for many women and even men. If you find organic ones, you will be in the stream of eco-brands that gives an additional bonus. There are many sponges in color, form, material; they could be sent as a single item or packs.

5. Blackhead remover products

Thanks to Korean cosmetics, blackhead removal creams and masks became very popular in 2010-s and are still among the top products to sell. The main feature of blackhead removal such cream can soften the skin, open the pores, and make the face skin look healthier. Moreover, with a comedone extractor, such cream makes an excellent manual kit for face home treatment. For more luxurious Clients, you can propose blackhead removal vacuum selling saving a lot of time.

To summarize the presented products, a profitable beauty solution provides quality care at home. Due to the closure of professional salons, the number of customers with different requirements came to the Internet shops.

Is it easy to start beauty dropshipping?

After choosing the best beauty products to dropship, it is essential to consider the dropshipping process’s overall positive and negative sides.

The positive sides are:

  • Fewer investments for buying products in stock and ordering the storage place. It is crucial if you will sell nail kits or electric dries requiring a significant storage area
  • Easy to change the dropshipping products, as a dropshipper does not own them. If your chosen lip steak or sponge does not show significant revenue, you simply change it to a new type.
  • Easy to start as many marketplaces are working with beauty dropshippers (Shopify, Walmart, eBay).
  • Overhead expenses are significantly low in compared to traditional methods of product selling as any remote place for work is acceptable.
  • Easy to scale the business – just find new Manufacturers. The number of companies producing nail kits is enormous from China to Switzerland.

The opposing sides are:

  • Margin is limited due to immense competition in dropshipping.Therefore, it is essential to develop a long-lasting relationship with the Manufacturer to have a significant discount. Otherwise, the profit will be low.
  • Returns are challenging to manage; usually, the Manufacturer does not accept them. For sure, not all beauty products are possible to return (creams and sponges usually do not send back), but electric brushes or toothbrushes can be returned.
  • Quality of the goods and delivery process are not under control.
  • A dropshipper is responsible for all Manufacturer mistakes, even in the quality of lasting of nail coating. Therefore, it is essential to check reviews and provide quick feedback and solutions for the negative ones.

Nevertheless, a dropshipping business remains challenging; with a good choice of dropshipper products, this method of selling goods is very profitable. That is why beauty products are a perfect option for a smooth start; you can find the cheapest popular products to check the dropshipping scheme. Further, you can scale your business and move to other categories. Having found Manufacturers in third countries and establishing short delivery terms, it is possible to make dropshippng business profitable.

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