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Top 5 Best Sources for Smartphones Updates


Many organizations from all industries fight every day to be seen on the Internet’s search engine results pages. They employ blogs, social networks, surprise methods, and ways to entice you to click. In a race, everyone is vying to be the first to finish. This occurs in food, fashion, vehicle, and service businesses. Technology, too. In this area, where specialists are more knowledgeable, it may be harder.

Surely you are already aware of all the advantages a blog can provide and how to be successful with one. We don’t need to emphasize how vital it is and how well it attracts consumers. However, just penning articles for magazines and newspapers is insufficient. Our clients are becoming more demanding, thus we must improve daily.

Observing the greatest can help us gain ideas, take notes, and be inspired. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the best three technology blogs. Interested?


In terms of consumer technology trends, Nextgenphone is one of the best sites on the list to keep an eye on. Nextgenphone is always one step ahead of the competition regarding cutting-edge tech items and trends because of its fair critiques.

A wide range of topics, i.e., smartphones news, and reviews of the latest and upcoming smartphones, will be found here. Nextgenphone is one of the most significant technology sites to check out when you’re looking to purchase a new item since it provides honest opinions and price information.


Technology, entertainment, science, society, politics, and social media are no strangers to Wired, a phenomenally popular journal that is adept at capturing genuine insights into the digital world. Wired is the ideal tech site to follow since it is both informed and exhaustive.

This one-of-a-kind site is devoted to contemporary living and the technology business, and it provides answers to all questions on trends and technologies, gadget assessments, and the most recent updates.

Wired is recognized as one of the greatest tech websites for professionals in many fields and provides excellent presentation ideas for the most essential issues.


Invest in the business side of the internet industry with TechCrunch, among the most prominent technology blogs flourishing this year. The blog includes articles on tech-related enterprises, analysis of emerging tech trends, technology news, and lists of new tech items available on the market. That is one of the earliest journals to cover tech companies and investment rounds comprehensively.

TechCrunch provides information on new devices and business-related applications. It is similar to a repository of knowledge about Internet enterprises and startups worldwide.


Recode, which is now sponsored by VOX media, provides the most recently published technology updates, analysis patterns, and evaluations from the most esteemed and knowledgeable journalists and bloggers in the media and technology industries.

Focusing on Silicon Valley companies, Recode explains how our technology world is evolving.

With Kara Swisher’s extensive network of industry contacts, it’s a great source of information on the newest tech trends and goods!


Mashable is a multi-platform media outlet with a global reputation for entertainment. Powered by its own unique technology, this tech site is the go-to platform for its powerful and devoted worldwide readership for tech, digitalization, and entertainment news!

About the internet, it’s one of the most widely read blogs on technology. It is Mashable’s mission to keep its readers up to date on all the latest tech news, from movies to travel to banking to gadgets.

The Verge

The Verge, a VOX Media-owned tech site that publishes news, guidebooks, feature articles, product reviews, and podcasts, is another highly entertaining Vox Media-owned tech blog.

It covers a wide range of topics and provides a wide range of viewpoints. As a result, their opinions on the latest tech gadgets have a significant impact on the direction technology is headed. The Verge is more than just a tech blog; it’s also one of the most well-versed online resources for current news and items. It’s not uncommon for this site to get its fingers on a new tech product before it’s even finished or published.


A look at my favorite 2020 blogs, which are not necessarily ranked in any particular order but all made the cut for my list of favorites. The way I perceive technology, there was no or very little technology in human existence for millions of years.

When it comes to the modern world, technology has engulfed us in both positive and harmful ways since the turn of the twentieth century. And as long as it’s here, there will be individuals eager to keep up with the newest developments in the quickly evolving field of technology.

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