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Top 5 Companies using Bitcoins!


It has been a few years since people have started accepting the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. Many people are trading in cryptocurrencies and investing in them to get future benefits. However, you will be surprised to know that multiple companies use cryptocurrencies to make money. Most of these companies aim to develop themselves into global giants to function for everyone and get the possible profit. The world’s economic crisis was approaching because of the COVID-19 pandemic in the past year and a half. A lot of people thought that this was going to be very difficult to get out of this economic crisis, but if that was not the situation, you might be wondering what changed. For more information about Bitcoin, you can simply visit

An essential thing to understand about the COVID-19 pandemic is that cryptocurrencies flourished. People look for something in which they can invest their money during the COVID-19 pandemic, and cryptocurrencies came out to be a suitable investment opportunity in platforms such as So, the global tech giants also decided to enter this league. They also wanted to make money, and therefore, they started to hold investments in crypto coins like bitcoins. Today, we will talk about the top global companies using bitcoins in their operations.

Micro strategy

Every multinational organization requires business analytics, which is something that micro strategy provides. Earlier in 2021, the micro strategy was a company that entirely tried cryptocurrency investments. Still, as soon as the popularity of bitcoin rose, many investments were made in this digital token. Throughout 2021, this company will produce mobile software and cloud-based services that can enhance the working operations of every business firm. Therefore, it also decided to add bitcoin to its work. In December 2021, it had more than 1,24,000 bitcoins in reserve to better serve its customers.


Tesla is a company considered the primary reason 2021 became an incredible year for bitcoin. At the beginning of 2021, Elon musk decided to accept bitcoin into the legal system of Tesla. It said that it was going to accept bitcoin X in exchange for its electric vehicle but, later on, withdrew this appeal. However, regardless of what was the letter action, the initial one decided that bitcoin should go on a hike. Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla, and according to the report, the company held bitcoins worth $1.50 billion in the initial stages of 2021.

Galaxy Digital holdings

Even though multiple companies are involved in holding the bitcoins, they do it indirectly. For example, Galaxy Digital holdings is the largest institutional holder of this incredible digital currency operating in the cryptocurrency industry directly. According to the report, it has more than 16,400 bitcoins in its reserves, and the valuation is more than $770 million. According to the current prices, the valuation has increased, but the company says it has been holding bitcoin to stay safe in the market.

Voyager Digital LTD

Brokerage firms are also a part of the space where massive bitcoin holdings are prevalent. You can take an example of the Voyager Digital holding, which has more than 12,000 bitcoins in its reserves. The valuation of these bitcoins is more than $580 million, and the company aims to provide non-stop solutions for training digital assets. The company makes a revenue of more than 60.4 million every quarter of a year; therefore, it is not the most critical multinational company working with bitcoins worldwide. Also, it is a company providing one-stop solutions to the brokerage. This company develops platforms where you can trade in which cryptocurrency you see most familiar.

Block INC.

Along with Tesla, some other multinational companies are working with bitcoin, and one among them is the block. Formerly, the name of his company was square, but later on, it was changed to block for some reason. It has decided to infuse into the market of cryptocurrencies through bitcoin and holds more than cryptocurrencies worth $50 million. It was a report according to October 2020, and the holding has increased. In the first 1:45 thousand 20, this company’s earnings were valued at $170 million. However, the CEO, Jack Dorsey, decided to resign from the position, and therefore, there was a degradation in its value a little bit. Later on, the company held positions and started to make profits again.

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