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Top 5 Hot Desk Booking Software Companies in 2021

An efficient hot desk booking software can transform your working style for the better.

Besides being able to check for office space availability, the software also offers additional features like space and resource optimization tools, pre-booking facilities, and collaboration features.

Employees and employers in remote working organizations can collaborate on the same tasks from anywhere. The team can also share files and other documents using the software. However, the most significant benefit of hot-desk booking software is that it enhances flexibility and autonomy in workspaces. 

The Hybrid OS is a crowd favorite owing to its unique functionality. The hot-desk booking software by the Autonomous Company allows users to identify and book vacant desks in the vicinity of their home or office. In addition, users may check out video tutorials and get first-hand information from the company’s customer care department to understand how the software works.

There are several options you may explore if you are looking for the best hot desk booking software.


The Autonomous hot desk booking software allows users to manage their resources optimally and avail of several digital tools for enhanced workplace efficiency. In addition, the Hybrid OS is explicitly designed to suit changing workplace requirements of contemporary offices and employees. 

Employees need an Autonomous account to use the software. Once you install the software, you may use it to find workspaces near your home, office, or other locations. The software lists all registered/listed workspaces within your vicinity. 

Additionally, the software also lists other features of the listed workspaces like the name of the building, floor number, assets contained, and address. The Autonomous Hybrid OS is undoubtedly one of the best hybrid model programs available in the market today. 

The software combines business automation and optimization functions with desk booking functions. Additionally, the software also enables booking in advance. Autonomous Hybrid OS can customize your workspace automatically based on your needs.

Envoy Desks

Envoy desks offer another hybrid software option you must consider when looking for the best hot desk booking app for your professional needs. The software allows you to reserve workspaces in advance based on your needs and requirements. 

Additionally, Envoy desks also provide integrated collaboration and business automation tools. Employees can also select the people they want to sit close to for task completion and collaboration purposes. The companies can add or remove desks to the listing based on desk availability. 

The software offers analytical tools to help employees

make informed optimal decisions about their workspaces. The cross-functional collaboration feature helps enhance inter-departmental productivity. Other key features that form part of Envoy Desks Include:

  • Desk hoteling
  • Unused desk protection
  • Permanent desk assignments 
  • Workspace maps

The software also offers a platform that can accommodate visitors and deliveries. So you can get a comprehensive view of your workspace before you book it.


Robin-powered desk management and reservation software is designed to make offices more accessible for employees and employers. This must be on your shortlist if you are looking for the best hot desk booking software.

Besides real-time office visibility features and hybrid work features, the software also minimizes the need for spreadsheets and other manual work in offices. It comes with an integrated office map that allows you to know the exact location of your work desk. You may also set specific roles and permissions to enhance privacy and efficiency.

Robin pays special attention to employee safety by limiting the number of available desks if there are too many employees in the office. You may also set up meeting rooms and reserve desks using this software.


The NFS hot desk booking software allows you to attain the perfect work/life balance by giving you opportunities to work from anywhere. The end-to-end hot desk booking system offers flexibility and advanced optimization solutions. In addition, since you can book your workspace before you arrive, you will save valuable time. 

The integrated sensor

technology allows users to make better workspace decisions. The sensors also promote better space utilization. The software also allows you to book desks straight from Outlook and is available for Android and iOS platforms. 


Skedda hot desk booking software allows you to schedule and manage your office space requirements to ensure optimal space utilization. Additionally, the software allows you to book desks online, manage and collaborate on projects and automate routine tasks. The software also offers customization features to improve work efficiency and productivity.

Final Thoughts

Hot desk booking software is great for scheduling and reserving work desks, attaining workplace flexibility, and promoting collaboration. Enhanced autonomy and better space utilization can improve business productivity considerably.

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