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Top 5 Natural Language Processing Services Companies


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As artificial intelligence is being implemented into all areas of business, the question of human-computer interaction is becoming more and more acute. One of the ways in which AI communicates with humans is natural language processing (NLP).

Nowadays, NLP is in charge of many automatic processes: analysing search queries, processing texts, analyzing customer sentiment and much more.

This area is developing rapidly, demonstrating excellent human recognition. Statista forecasts NLP as an artificial intelligence segment will gain a market share of 127 billion U.S. dollars by 2028. As the adoption of NLP grows in popularity, so does the market for natural language processing companies offering the service. This article covers the top natural language processing companies ready to assist your business today.

InData Labs

InData Labs offers services not only in the field of NLP but also in big data analytics, AI and more. InData Labs is a true specialist in various sectors and even in natural language processing.

Directly in the field of NLP, this firm helps clients with sentiment analysis, text verification and customer consultation. The solutions created are bespoke and focus on solving the current problems of client companies. With the help of InData Labs, firms will be able to get to know their customers better, automate processes and reduce costs.

The company also has its own AI research center, which makes its products innovative and reliable.


Grammarly is one of the top natural language processing companies specializing in written language. As a spell-checker, the platform is capable of finding even the most subtle mistakes.

Grammarly is a real-time writing assistant for the whole computer, from desktop applications to email in your browser. The service is also available on mobile devices helping to maintain grammar in everyday communication. A distinctive feature is an ability to integrate to create a unified tone for your communication.

The platform also provides statistics on the number of words checked and corrected.

The free account can be used by users in daily orthography. Whereas Grammarly Business can be useful for companies as a means of improving communication.


Deepgram is a true specialist in the field of human speech recognition. Using advanced techniques, this service seamlessly converts audio files into text. This natural language processing company offers the option of using the service to convert phone calls, meetings and much more. All this can make a company’s work much simpler.

The platform works online, but can also recognize previously recorded files. What’s more, Deepgram is a scalable platform. That means you can easily create a bespoke model for your company needs.

The standard operation of the platform is hosted in the cloud. However, for better privacy, Deepgram can be based in a private cloud or on a local device.


Wordsmith is a self-service platform for generating natural language. This platform from Automated Insights does an excellent job of converting big datasets into readable text. Wordsmith empowers companies with full control over data conversion at enormous speed and scale.

Through the operation of AI, the platform is able to create texts, articles and much more based on the parameters entered. Remarkably, Wordsmith’s interface is extremely user-friendly as well as customisable.

However, there is a small disadvantage of the platform – it is time-consuming to deploy. Anyway, Wordsmith is a good choice for companies to create quality content.

Iodine Software

Iodine Software is known as a specialist in natural language processing healthcare. This company advocates a reorganization of the receiving and handling of customer information in the medical field. The main goal of the created software is to accurately process customer records for making forecasts. The powerful note-taking tool is a real aid to medical professionals.

The processing of large amounts of data makes it possible to produce highly specialized forecast data. With the help of this doctors can make decisions more quickly. And also to see an expanded picture of diseases.


There is no doubt that natural language processing is an innovation that can dramatically improve business operations. NLP is indispensable for recognizing human speech in context. Chatbots, customer sentiment analysis, and automated text translation are all just part of how AI can help an organization. Every function in this area of AI has the potential to have an enormous positive impact on business processes.

As is clear, the market for NLP offers is quite extensive. A range of NLP applications allows for a tailor-made solution for any company. The best natural language processing companies are constantly perfecting their services, pushing the technological level of their customers forward. This way, every company today can gain a competitive advantage through the adoption of artificial intelligence.

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