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Top 5 Online Tools to Edit your Google Map


If you are interested in making your custom, Google Maps stand out and look appealing. You may be wondering which online tools will help you achieve your goal. Customization tools are one way to take your custom Google Map to the next level. There are online tools that can help you add style, custom markers, and more to your map. This guide will give you some insight into the available online editing tools, their advantages and downsides, and whether or not the editing tool is the right fit for the look and functionality needs of your custom Google Maps.

1. Atlist (basic and simple to use)

Atlist is a straightforward online tool that can be used to edit custom Google Maps. Although it does not have advanced features like other map editing tools that we will discuss later, it is suitable for when you want to customize your Google Maps quickly without a significant learning curve involved.

The free version of Atlist allows up to 2 maps to be made, ten markers to be used, and an Atlist watermark is added.

There is a paid version called Atlist Pro that gives you the power to:

I) Make unlimited maps,

II) Use unlimited markers

III) Have a watermark-free end product

IV) Maptive

Maptive is a Google map customization tool that allows you to transform raw location data into a customized and interactive map in just seconds. Some customization tools can be cumbersome and require quite the learning curve. Maptive is intuitive and easy to use so that you can start producing customized maps for data visualization right away.

Maptive includes hundreds of different tools that allow you to customize your map to suit your purposes. You can overlay demographic data, create pins, and upload or enter data points at any time during your customization.

You can use the lasso tool to pull out sections of the map and edit that section in any way you want. Whether it is creating a presentation or using the cloud-based system to track your sales force’s effectiveness, Maptive can handle your needs.

2. Google My Maps (familiar interface, limited customization)

Google My Maps has a familiar and comforting look of Google Maps, but the lack of customization may be a downside for some. The features Google My Maps has that are the most useful when editing your custom Google Maps include:

I) Adding markers

II) Creating walking, bike, and driving routes

The markers have 30 pre-determined colors to choose from. Currently, there is not a way to choose a custom marker colors.

3. BatchGeo (Easy to use, lacks customization options)

BatchGeo is an editing tool that is easy to use but lacks customization features. If you are looking for a simple way to edit your map, this online tool may be for you. Keep in mind you won’t have many options for customization as detailed below:

I) Marker shape – There are a total of 3 marker shapes to choose from. There is not currently a way to use a custom marker shape.

II) Color options – Currently, there are seven marker colors to choose from with no option to choose a custom color.

III) Map Layer Styles – There are a total of 6 base map layer styles.

4. Mapbox Studio (steep learning curve with vast editing abilities)

Mapbox Studio is one of the most powerful tools that can help you edit your custom Google Maps. It will likely take some time to learn how to use this tool effectively, but the style editing options alone make this tool one of the best.

Some of the features for Mapbox Studio include:

I) Precision – this map uses over 130 validated sources to make sure the map produced is accurate and comprehensive.

II) Customization – Mapbox Studie has nearly 24 templates to choose from that can help you fit the custom Google Map produced to your brand’s aesthetic needs.

III) Dynamic map rendering – Their map rendering software relies on the latest OpenGL technologies. This means you’ll be able to style and optimize your map based on your Google Maps data.


Choosing the best online editing tool for your custom Google Maps depends on what your needs are. Some editing tools take more time to learn and master before you can utilize them. In comparison, others are easy to learn from the beginning but lack customization options. Each online editing tool mentioned in this guide has advantages and disadvantages. To find the best fit for your needs, it is worth giving them all a try.

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