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Top 5 Most Ordered Food On Hellofood This year!

Top 5 Most Ordered Food On Hellofood This year!

Top 5 Most Ordered Food On Hellofood This year!

Top 5 Most Ordered Food On Hellofood This year!

Music may be the universal language but Food is our ‘common ground, a universal experience’, as so aptly quoted by James Beard, a cookbook author and a TV personality.  It doesn’t matter which part of the world a specific cuisine came from, if its good then we will all love it and we all share in the wonderful experience that food brings to us.

It’s great to see people show an interest in trying out different cuisines that they ordinarily wouldn’t try and at the same time some of the classics foods will always remain a favorite by a large majority. Although it’s early into the year, Here is a list of the top 5 most ordered cuisines that we have noticed are frequently ordered online (and in no particular order)


Top 5 Most Ordered Food On Hellofood This year!This truly comes as no surprise as it is not only the top most common food in Nairobi but also the most googled around the world. Many chefs are aware of how popular pizza is and will even prepare a signatory pizza of their own.

But the emergence of restaurants that specialize in making pizza within the city are a dime a dozen and consumer all over are spoilt for choice.

Top 5 Most Ordered Food On Hellofood This year!Burgers

Burgers have to be the easiest fast food in the entire planet. The fact that they include meat makes them a favorite for many.

Naturally beef burgers are the more popular one than any other, followed closely by bacon and cheese (slurp!) but there are plenty others that customers are willing to try out including chicken burgers and fish burgers too!

Chinese Food

Top 5 Most Ordered Food On Hellofood This year!The Chinese are taking over the world! Yes they are. Forget the fact that they’re heavily involved in the construction business, technology and so on, they also have one hand ahead of us when it comes to food.

Our online food statistics show that Chinese food is right there at the top when it comes to ordering a lunch or dinner meal. Favorites include sweet and sour chicken, gun bao chicken, chili beef and cashew nuts, sweet and sour pork, prawns…and now I’m hungry too!


Top 5 Most Ordered Food On Hellofood This year!Surprisingly, Sushi is gaining more popularity and is often ordered by both expats and locals in equal measure. Sushi refers to food that includes rice seasoned with rice vinegar garnished or topped with raw fish, veggies or egg. The main element in sushi is actually rice and there are various types of sushi but the ones more popularly ordered from us include Salmon, tuna and the sushi platter that consists a variety such as tuna sushi, salmon sushi, prawn sushi, squid sushi, octopus sushi and so much more – go on and give it a try!

Indian Food

Top 5 Most Ordered Food On Hellofood This year!Tandoori Chicken. Mutton Biryani. Naan. Fish curry…lots of curry, the Indian’s have mastered their food and they do it oh so well! It is great that any time you eat Indian food you can make a feast of it and it’s possible that this is on the top 5 list because Indian food is great food to enjoy in groups – be it at the office with your colleagues or at home with your family or roommates.

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