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Top 5 Tips for Successful Websites in 2021


First impressions are crucial, particularly as the modern consumer is bombarded with choices every minute. Successful websites literally require customers to think less. They meet their needs in a clear, easy, and efficient way. The necessity of the right fonts and high-quality images goes without saying. Here are five other key prerequisites for success in 2021.

1. Clear Audience

What people do you expect to view your catalog, buy your products, or read your blog post? The site must be tailored to their needs and aesthetic perceptions. According to the AppKong experts, every web development project starts with researching the target audience.

For example, Generation Z or Millennials are not interested in artisan soap, while baby boomers are more likely to spend their disposable income on it. The audience must be broken down into personas. Look at your competitors to see what kind of people they target and how they serve their needs.

2. Mobile-First Mindset

The modern consumer uses their smartphone for everything from shopping to work. Any website must be optimized for mobile access. 61% of users say they are more likely to make a purchase on a mobile-friendly page. Meanwhile, security concerns, poor design, and messy data input are common turn-offs. Mobile-friendliness also matters for SEO, as 96% of searches on Google are done from mobile devices.

3. Straightforward Navigation

If a website feels like a maze, the visitors will inevitably abandon it. Create a clear structure and navigation, so your potential customers can get around and find what they need. The best sites do not require users to think, as the structure reduces the cognitive effort to a minimum.

For example, picking a route, adjusting flight options, and booking on Virgin Atlantic takes fewer than 15 clicks. The main portions of the site, whether it is a product, an appointment, or subscription, must be instantly accessible.

4. The Right Style

First, the style must correlate with your brand image and the target user. For example, Oi Polloi, which sells menswear, has a friendlier face, but it is designed for the “in-crowd” audience. On the other hand, luxury brand Mr. Porter has opted for a clean design to showcase its products and services.

Secondly, keep abreast of web design trends. In 2021, incorporating flat elements and scrolling textures is recommended to make your website look fresh. Meanwhile, skeuomorphism (objects mimicking the style of real things for other functions) is a major don’t.

5. Fast Page Speeds

When it comes to retaining visitors, every fraction of every second counts. Statistics show that users abandon sites for just a few seconds of delay. If you make them wait for 4 seconds, you will lose nearly 25% of potential customers. When the page load time grows from one to three seconds, the bounce rate increases by almost a third! Finally, the speed of loading is now also crucial for SEO, as Google considers it as a major factor for ranking in organic search results.

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