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Top 5 Wine Board Games for All Wine Lovers


A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.” – Louis Pasteur

Wine is poetry in a bottle. With so many miracles, from indulging taste and flavours to relaxation and good vibes, it`s all packed in a single bottle of wine. It is a simple and enjoyable ritual with some beneficial effects on your health.

The process of winemaking is a matter of art and craft, and wine enthusiasts are constantly eager to learn something new about wine and wine tasting. So, what can be better than a group of friends playing a super-fan board game with a glass of fine wine? The following lines spill our picks for the best wine board games based on customers’ reviews:

The Best Wine Board Games to Try This Winter

Whether you choose Viticulture or Wine IQ, you can`t go wrong with these super-fun wine board games that will lift your glasses high and your spirits higher:

  1. Viticulture: Essential Edition

Play crew: 1-6

Playtime: 45-90 mins

Enjoy with: La Spinetta Toscana or Brunello di Montalcino

Every wine enthusiast dreams about owning a small wine farm in a quiet and pastoral countryside and enjoy the art of making wine. While some are lucky enough to make this dream come true, others can stir their imagination with Viticulture Essential Edition.

Imagine yourself in the old-world Tuscany, with the idyllic countryside and sunkissed vines. The game allows you to own a vineyard in the super Tuscan fields and build your own wine estate. You will begin with just a couple of workers and modest equipment, but with great ideas and effort, you can build the winery of your dreams.

This tableau-building game includes making strategy and giving tasks to workers in order to beat the competition and become the best winery in Old Tuscany.

  1. Wine IQ

Play crew: 2-12

Playtime: 30-45 mins

Enjoy with: Cabernet Sauvignon

If you are a passionate wine lover and have an inquiring mind, Wine IQ is right up your alley. The game is abundant in amazing tales and fun facts about wine. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced wine aficionado, the game will tickle your mind and broaden your wine scope.

The large number of players allows you to divide into teams, taking fun to the next level. You will challenge two “levels of concern” with more than 400 multi-choice questions. From the vineyard to the cellar, Wine IQ will test your knowledge and make you “drunk in fun”.

  1. From Vines to Wines

Play crew: 4-6

Playtime: 45 mins

Enjoy with: Primitivo de Manduria

Hosting a wine-tasting party? Here is a fabulous idea to stir things up and learn some new facts that will make you a wine expert. Just ask your friends to bring a bottle of wine and get ready to enjoy wine from a different perspective.

From Vines to Wines board game is a combination of both, tasting different types of wine and learning why the wine has that specific taste. The bottle corks are the game tools and players need to roll a dice, following the wine-making process from the vineyard to the bottling, and finally tasting.

You will get trivia questions like “What type of French wine is typically made from Pinot Noir grapes?”, or “What is the most dominant grape in Chianti?” Win or lose, you will learn useful info that will help you choose the best of the best wines.

  1. Wine Wars

Players crew: 2-6

Playtime: 45 mins

Enjoy with: El Enemigo Chardonnay

Looking for a 5-star trivia game? Wine Wars will test your wine knowledge and uncover all wine mysteries. It`s great for competitive players who enjoy the thrill of exciting uncertainty. Whether you are a wine amateur or a seasoned wine connoisseur, there is always something new to learn about the wonders of wine.

In the game lobby, you will find “Cork Culture”, “Wine Cellar” and “Vino to Vino” sections with different entertaining questions. The game embraces different topics including grape farming, the wine-making process, cellaring, and finally the trade.

  1. All You Need Is Wine

Player crew:2 parties ( varying size)

Playtime: Depends on the number of tastings

Enjoy with: La Rioja Alta Tempranillo

One not only drinks wine, one smells it, observes it, tastes it, sips it and one talks about it.” – King Edward VII

Here comes the Queen of wine games, “ All You Need Is Wine”. There is no better way to spice things up for the next wine-tasting party than sipping wine with your eyes covered.

This blind wine-tasting game offers a lot of fun and wine, with no previous knowledge needed. You will get tasting note sheets, paper glass tags, and numbered wine bags to keep things on track. The playing crew will blind taste the wine and fulfil the sheets, and the points are counted at the end.

This time the golden 5 S-s will be decreased to 4: swirl, smell, sip and savour. See will remain for the end. It’s great for entertainment and learning some new flavour wine profiles. All your friends will love this fun wine experience!

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