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Top 7 Coolest Places to Work in 2014

by Fahad Saleem

Top 7 Coolest Places to Work in 2014

Your life feels a complete waste if you have chosen a profession you never liked, took a job you are barely interested in and are working at a place that looks more like a graveyard than a workplace. Your workplace plays an important role in enhancing your work capacity. A lively environment, handsome amount of motivations to work and a cooperative team around you do add value to your own work.

Jobs related to IT, web and computers require continuous energy and use of your brain and make you feel exhausted in no time. You therefore need little breaks and a good opportunity to relax your mind in no time and get back to work. For that reason here we have for you some of the best places and companies to work at in 2014:

1.    Google

Google has been the best place to work at since 2009. With its stock price climbing sky high above $1000, its friendly working environment and tons of entertainment while at work, Google is simply the best place to work at in 2014

coolest places to work  1

2.    SAS

With its amazing health benefits and a health care center which is open to the employees and their families, SAS is a great place for software developer to work at. About 6500 employees are working at SAS and all of them and their families are provided with the latest health care facilities.

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3.    Quicken Loans

Based in Detroit, the office of Quicken loans, the online mortgage lender is very interactive and entertaining. Apart from working, they focus on training and there is a 200 hour training program for IT employees every year.

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4.    USAA

Other than facilities like coffee shops, health clinics, fitness centers, relaxation lounges and cafeterias, USAA is very forward in providing funding to the families of the people who are working in the military. They have also open different campuses all across America.

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This IT market has expanded its workforce and doubles the employees from 5000 to 10,000. This has happen in just past 2 years. They are still hiring people for full time jobs and expanding their market.

6.    Intuit

This company really takes care of the health and fitness of employees. The company provides its employees and incentive of $650 per year for gym, swimming, sports and other type of fitness classes. For new employees there are very less tasks in the beginning month.

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7.    Ultimate Software

Every person working for this company also is a shareholder of this company. In 2013, its stock price was raised from $85 to $155. This company is growing big time. It is also increasing its full time job count by 18.7%. Last year, this company hired 263 new employees.

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