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Top 7 Free Online Tools For Students


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Many students, if we’re being honest — struggle to stay organized and on-task in this sea of information, and though there are a plethora of apps and software that claim to help, they frequently only add to the distracting background noise and generate more digital clutter. So, thanks to the internet, we are having access to a large array of data and knowledge, which can be both a gift and a curse at times. However, let’s see the positive side and find out which free online tools you can use to help you boost your writing projects and productivity at college.

Tools That Will Help You Study As A Student

Students must prepare themselves with creative learning technology tools in the digital world we now live in. Technology is a reliable ally in making the education and learning processes more entertaining and efficient. So, here are the 7 tools you must use:

  1. – Bit, a great online note-taking application that allows anyone to create excellent essays, projects, presentations, and other school papers in minutes. A bit is a dream tool for students who love to change and make education more functional, interesting, and participatory. And while we talk about writing essays and projects, here are legit essay writing services that will help you advance your writing skills.
  2. iSpringFree– It is an eLearning production tool that lets you create mobile-friendly online courses with quizzes from dull PowerPoint presentations. The tool’s greatest benefit is its simplicity. Its user-friendly interface allows even inexperienced students to rapidly and easily create an endless number of courses. Which will help you learn more efficiently.
  3. Evernote – Another fantastic note-taking tool for students is Evernote. Students can use Evernote to gather digital material and convert handwritten notes into Evernote notebooks. Texts, videos, photos, highlighted web page clips, audio recordings, and more forms are available for students to take notes in.
  4. Elink – Elink is the finest website for learning, which is the go-to platform for content curation. Elink may be used by both students and teachers to curate and exchange knowledge, making learning more engaging and collaborative. With this handy application, you can make faculty updates, lesson plans, resource pages, book recommendations, etc. In case you need some help with writing content, here is the writing services review that will help you choose the perfect writing service to improve your skills for better content creation.
  5. Padlet – This tool is a virtual bulletin board that allows students to gather information from the internet and pin it on virtual message boards. Students can use this tool to put post-it notes on a digital wall. Padlet provides the convenience of a sticky note to your laptop or desktop computer. Users can post any video, audio, image, note, link, or other content on their virtual wall.
  6. RealWorldMath – RealWorldMath makes use of resources such as Google Earth and Sketchup to help you see mathematics in a new light. RealWorldMaths provides 3D movies and interactive courses for students to help them better comprehend ideas and how they apply to their daily life.
  7. MarianaTimer – This website is dedicated to helping people become more productive. Marinara Timer, which is based on the productivity approach of studying for 25 minutes and then having a 5-minute break, allows you to create your timer to study properly. While studying, taking a short break improves mental capacity, concentration, and efficiency.

To summarize, hundreds of digital education technologies have been developed to give students more freedom, increasing academic processes organization, building relationships, and enhancing communication between other students. In other words, these 7 technologies above will undoubtedly elevate your online education to new heights, making learning enjoyable and engaging.

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