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Top 7 Free Search Tools for Windows


Data is knowledge and power these days. With hard drives sitting at the helm of storage options, it becomes essential to maintain an easily accessible record of your files and folders. This requires a search tool which allows you to perform a quick search within seconds. If you wish to delve deeper, we might have something that will prove handy.

1. SeekFast

Seekfast is a flexible search tool which is equipped to answer all your queries rapidly across all the various file formats in your system. The results produced are also organized in a way that makes them easily comprehensible by the user. Thanks to the modern linguistic technology incorporated by the tool, the results are displayed according to the relevance to your search. You can add keywords in the search box, similar to a search engine, and SeekFast runs it through a truckload of databases on your system. What’s more? You can also connect it with file explorer to enable quicker results.

2. Ava Find

If you are looking for a quick search tool which does not beat around the bush, try Ava Find. It will remind you of simpler times. The tool is equipped with features that are minimal yet fast. Thus, if you are on the lookout for a search tool which responds quickly, we have something that will fit. Ava Find has a shortcut that will save you the tedious process of opening the tool each time you need to search. Anytime you need to search for something, it can be quickly done by clicking Shift-Esc on the keyboard. Additionally, the tool also gives you the options to remove, copy, or view the file properties.

The only drawback of the tool is that the search results, although quick, are not intuitive. This suggests that if you have a huge database with multiple files and folders, this tool might not come in as handy. Moreover, some of the features, like viewing the properties and deleting junk files, are available only in the professional version, which is not free.

3. Quick search

The tool is free to use and provides a search utility feature that allows you to locate almost any file or folder within seconds. It indexes the files instantly and additionally displays in a minimized version, which can be accessed at the bottom of the desktop screen. A dedicated search bar appears when you press the Ctrl button, enabling you to index your data across all the drives. Most users have vouched for the speed and accuracy of the tool, which makes it a godsend for huge databases.

4. Locate32

A different approach to searching for your files is to look for the names of the files in the database, and locate32 does exactly that. Once an index has been created, it becomes quite easy to locate the files with the help of this search tool. Since your system’s directory structures are used to create databases, and the same database is used for the search related features, it reduces the time taken to display results. However, one drawback of the tool is that it cannot be used to look for data inside the files. It has just one basic feature, but in that, it is entirely reliable.

5. Launchy

 If you have been an enthusiast for Mac, then Launchy may remind you of Spotlight. It is meant to replace the entire screen of your desktop, including start bar, taskbar, file explorer, and related shortcuts. It works by indexing your system, which enables you to launch files, folders, and bookmarks with the click of a few buttons. What’s more, it is also equipped to search for folders and files, provided the relevant settings are turned on.

6. Agent Ransack

Now, if you are looking for a tool which has paid attention to the details of search parameters and features, then Agent Ransack will not disappoint you. The tool has been designed keeping search as the primary criterion. Before beginning a search, the user can define the objective of the search in meticulous detail. This will include several filters like date modified, created, file size, and last checked, thus making your search quicker and easier. However, as far as the interface is concerned, the tool is not very user-friendly.

7. FileFinder Anywhere Essentials

FileFinder is one of the leading search tools, which allows you the benefit of working virtually with multiple devices. The fact that it is a Cloud Executive search tool ensures that you can easily search for your files without having to leave your inbox on Outlook. To add to it, the software is also equipped to harness its access to the web and social media to bring the most relevant results. In order to monitor the performance of the program, the tool operates on a set of KPIs.

As they say, a cluttered desktop means a cluttered mind. With these search tools on your system, you can organise your desktop for a fresh approach.

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