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Top 7 Professional Tips on How to Show Enthusiasm in Your Cover Letter



You probably heard a lot about first impressions and why they matter. For job seekers, this first impression is not even an interview but their resume. A hiring manager needs to look through hundreds of applications, so you definitely need to stand out to land an interview! One of the tools of making the recruiters notice you is writing a good introduction.

If you are having trouble with putting your key skills and experience on paper, try hiring the top cover letter writing service with expert specialists. There is nothing wrong with getting some help to create a bot-beating resume! And with a decent introduction, the chances of you getting hired increase dramatically.

A lot of people don’t know when to attach a cover letter and what to add there at all. Another mistake is that applicants often include their rank and qualification without any personal info. This is a mistake because you need to show passion and willingness to work at this company to land a job!

So, if you want to get hired, here are the top 7 professional tips on how to show enthusiasm in your cover letter!

What Is a Cover Letter and Why Do You Need It?

So, let’s start with the basics. The term ‘cover letter’ means a small document that you submit together with your CV. Usually, it’s no more than 1 page. Your professional experience is listed in your resume, so a good introduction needs to cover your personal qualities. In other words, you need to draw the attention of a recruiter immediately!

General advice about writing cover letters is that you don’t need to repeat everything from your CV. Here are some tips about the basic structure and the format that works for every firm:

  • header with your contact info;
  • greetings;
  • introduction with your achievements that can grab the attention of the manager;
  • second paragraph with your best qualities that show that you are perfect for this position;
  • the third paragraph needs to show that you are a good match with the organization;
  • short conclusion with a closing statement.

Now that you know the basics, let’s see how to show enthusiasm in your cover letter!

Don’t Overuse Cliches!

Usually, HR managers know every cliché in the book. They read the same lines about how applicants always dreamt about working here, how they are huge fans of the company, and so on. Try writing something different! For example, you can say that you noticed the achievements of the firm, or that you see a great opening for you right now.

Create a Personal and Attention-Grabbing Greeting

Since most of the introductions start the same, managers easily get bored from the first lines. Of course, this is not the only factor that they have to consider but being creative can pay off! This shows that you have put some thought into your writing. Also, if you are applying for an artistic position, this will definitely show that you are up for the task.

Do Some Research About the Company and Show It in the Cover Letter

Sure, some graduates just want to get that job without really doing extra research. But if you want to craft a winning resume, try to add something more than just a basic text. This is one of the best cover letter writing tips that you can find! For example, you can write down some of these things:

  • clearly say the name of the company and your job title;
  • list the responsibilities that you will have if you get the position;
  • mention something from the recent history of the organization;
  • talk about how you share the vision of the company.


Use Some Powerful Words About Your Skills

Similar to cliches, using some dull words can have a negative effect on your hiring prospects. There is a list of so-called action words, which show that you are passionate and have great vocabulary! There are four general groups of action words that are most used in the cover letters:

  1. analytical (for example, calculate, project, quantify);
  2. communicative (persuade, propose, resolve);
  3. problem-solving (verify, produce, enable);
  4. leadership-oriented (supervise, guide, monitor).

Don’t Forget to Talk About Your Aspirations and Dreams!

As it was mentioned before, you need to get personal in your cover letter. It’s not enough to just list your qualifications. Applicants have to show passion and excitement about getting that job! In other words, this is what shows your passion the most. Hiring managers often appreciate a bit of personal history, especially when you have something interesting to say!

Explain How You Achieved Concrete Results

Don’t just talk about your hypothetical responsibilities! Try to imagine that you already got the job. Next, pretend that you are talking to a recruiter who wants to know about your previous achievements. This shows that you are open to criticism and also want to grow even more in your profession!

Adjust Your Cover Letter to the Job

You might think that the recruiting firms won’t notice, but it’s still obvious when applicants use the same introduction. First of all, this doesn’t seem very professional if you really want to get that job. Second of all, this is not the passionate approach! Based on the career advice expert recommendations, it’s always better to write everything from scratch.


So, there you have it, 7 professional tips on how to show enthusiasm in your cover letter! Sure, it seems that you need to fit a lot of information into one page. But when you start writing, you will see that it’s quite the challenge to fill that page with all the needed info!

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