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Top 7 Time Tracking Apps for College Students

Top 7 Time Tracking Apps for College Students

Organizing the available time should be one of the top priorities of students. With so many things on their to-do list, only a well-planned schedule will allow them to meet every deadline. As soon as their independence starts and they are off to school, they must learn this useful skill.

To organize their time, students have to track it first. It takes some time tracking to realize how much you need to dedicate on a single task, how to organize your assignments, and how to find free time to spend as you wish. To help you out with this, there are plenty of available time tracking apps you can download and use. Time tracking and organizational apps are considered to be among the top-rated educational apps. In this list, you’ll find the seven best time tracking apps for college students.

1.  Forest

Forest is considered to be one of the best tracking apps at the disposal of students. This is an application that uses video games concepts to make time tracking more entertaining and basically, bearable.

The app is free to use on Android unless you want to opt for the paid version and compete with others, track screen time, or buy trees to plant. On iOS, this application costs $2.Top 7 Time Tracking Apps for College Students

Basically, Forest is a Pomodoro Timer, or a gamified version of the Pomodoro technique. It serves as a time tracker and a blocker of other apps. When you start the timer, your tree will start growing. If you open another app, the tree will die. It’s an excellent way to reduce the distractions while working on your academic assignments.

2.  Toggl

Toggl is an ideal tool that will help you stay on the task in hand. It’s free to use on all platforms, including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Initially, this app wasn’t intended for tracking for students, but for professionals and teams who wanted to track their billable and their time. Right now, it’s broadened the features to help everyone, including students.

To use this tool, you just have to start the timer, add a task to the project, and begin. You can use different devices – the app is automatically synchronized across them all. To be more, there’s a basic Pomodoro timer, which once again helps you remain focused on your tasks.

3.  RescueTime

You can use RescueTime to track the time in the background and block the sites that distract you. This is one of the free apps for students, but you can choose the paid tier or an annual plan to use the app blocker option.

This is quite the automated app. It runs in the background on any device you use and you don’t have to start or stop the timer to switch a task. It will do all of this automatically – categorize and track where and how you’re using your time.

The app will tell you if you procrastinate too often or if you really don’t have the time to write your papers. This way, you’ll know when to order affordable assignment assistance ahead of time to save some money.

4.  Clockify

The primary goal of the Clockify app is to help teams who work together. But, it is now widely used by professionals and students, too. Seeing how it’s free of charge and students don’t really need to go for the paid tier unless they work in groups, it’s an excellent tool to use to organize your time.

But, if you decide to use it to work on projects with your peers, you’ll definitely like the many features. Even the free tier offers unlimited projects and users.

5.  Harvest

Harvest is one of the best options for time tracking, the highest rated one among teams. Nowadays, it’s also quite often used by solo professionals, as well as students. The purpose of the app was to handle a more collaborative workload and track a team’s time. This makes it perfect for educators when they want to keep track of their student’s work, as well as for students who want to track and optimize their time.

The best part about Harvest is that it integrates with an enormous list of apps. You can track your studying directly from Asana, Trello, Slack, Basecamp, etc.Top 7 Time Tracking Apps for College Students

6.  Timely

Timely uses artificial intelligence to find out what you’re doing and categorizes it without any effort on your behalf. It doesn’t have a free tier, but the initial price is rather small – $7 per month. It can be used on all platforms and split between professional and personal time tracking.

7.  Timeular

If you want take this one step further, you can even purchase an actual physical device to help you track your time. Timeular is a mixture of a physical device and a time tracking device. It helps users visualize how and where they spend their time. The software has a free and paid tier, while the physical tracker comes at an affordable cost, especially when it is combined with the software.

The system has a die with 8 sides and software that links the sides of that die to tasks you want to track. The software cannot be used on its own and without the actual gadget.

8. ezClocker

ezClocker is a simple to use time tracking software for students or small teams. If you are looking for a basic time tracking app then their personal app is ideal and free of charge. If you need more features like tracking time for different jobs or working in teams then their business app is a great choice with a starting price of $10/month for up to 15 employees.


For professionals and teams in an office, time is money. For you as a student, time is everything. It makes the difference between whether you’ll have some time to sleep and rest or not. It tells you if you’ll meet a deadline or destroy your grades. That being said, it’s really important to track your time in order to meet your goals. These are some great tools to help you with this.

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