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Top 8 Wealthiest Women in Tech

by Fahad Saleem

 Top 8 Wealthiest Women in Tech

Women are an important and pronounced part of our society. For a long period of time, women were not allowed to receive education and work outside their house. This culture is still present. But women have risen and we have seen many intelligent women in every aspect of life and in almost every job.
When the era of tech started, many women joined these tech companies and became leaders. Some of these proved to be excellent leaders who led their companies to grow and they became the wealthiest women of today. Below is a list of the 8 wealthiest;

 Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman, the CEO of HP is on the top of our list for wealthiest women. She became CEO of HP in 2011. Her current salary is $1 million and it is due for a raise next year to $1.5 million.

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Most of her fortune comes from the stocks of eBay. She is the only female executive to be in Forbes’ list of richest 400 Americans.

Sheryl Sandberg

This woman, the COO of world’s most popular social website Facebook, is worth $1 billion. She is also famous for her top selling book “Lean In”. As COO, she is in charge of HR, oversees marketing and sales.

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Marissa Mayer

Merissa Mayer became the CEO of Yahoo in 2012. Before this she was the 20th employee at Google. She is worth $300 million. She was also in the top 50 world most powerful women in Fortune Magazine.

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Virginia Rometti

Virginia Rometti became the CEO of IBM in 2012. She has been working in IBM since 1981. She entered as System Engineer. Her estimated worth in 2012 was about $16.1 million.

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Safra Catz

Safra started in Oracle as an executive in 1999. With the years of hard work, she is now on the rank of President and CFO of Oracle. Her wealth is also due to her investment in stock, from which she earned $144 million in 2013.

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Ursula Burns

The Chairwoman and CEO of Xerox, became the first African American women in History in 2009 of a company which is in Fortune 500. Her job in Xerox started as an intern in 1981 and with hard work and determination, she worked her way upto Chairwomanship of the company. She has done her Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering form Columbia University. Her estimated worth is about $7.5 million.

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 Susan Wojcicki

Susan Wojcicki is one of the earliest member of Google. The founders of Google even rented her garage for $1700 a month for Google’s first office. She became CEO of YouTube after her 16th employee position as SVP of Advertising at Google. She may be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Renee James

She is the President of Intel since 2013 and is rated among the most powerful women in business and technology. She was worth $15 million before she became president. Her fortune is expected to grow more than that this year.

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