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Top Five Online Dating Platforms: Places for Fateful Acquaintances


Why is the Internet so good for dating? There are only two points: shyness and busyness. In the first case, shyness strongly prevents many good people from acting in the usual ways: meet on the street or talk in the transport. It’s not even about embarrassment. Not all people have the skills of pickup. It is important to know what and when to say, you should be able to continue the conversation, have the courage to ask for a date and, most importantly, to be able to live through the failure. So, not to tingle with embarrassment and shame, there is online dating.

List of Top Five Dating Platforms

A separate line for busy users. A person can work 24/7 and have no time for walking along city streets in the search for a partner. Such people are not used to wasting their precious time on nothing. For them, time investments are very important. With the help of such sites as where people can find hot Russian women, such busy individuals kill two birds with one stone: they save time and get to know potential partners from different countries of the world better.

1.   CooMeet

Video chat site for real communication of people from different parts of the world. Communication requires a webcam. There is a possibility of chatting with foreigners with instant translation of messages.

Quality — 95%

Reliability- 94%

Convenience — 97%

Performance — 90%

Bots — 24%

Security — 96%

2.   F4-gs

The F4 dating site is very similar to several other sites in its design and functionality. An interesting addition is the diaries and communities that are more interesting for the adult generation.

Quality — 75%

Reliability — 90%

Convenience — 93%

Performance — 90%

Bots — 45%

Security — 91%

3.   Fastlife

Fastlife arranges quick dates and acquaintance parties for its members. The club unites people with similar interests. The cost of events varies depending on the adherence to dress code and other conditions.

Quality — 95%

Reliability — 95%

Convenience — 95%

Performance — 99%

Bots — 0%

Security — 95%

4.   Happn

The app has an attractive design and an interesting core idea. All the functionality is aimed at live communication, where Happn acts only like the first stage. The app is not for those who prefer to share photos for months. It is designed for the fast life of a big city.

Quality — 95%

Reliability- 95%

Convenience — 97%

Performance — 98%

Bots — 10%

Security — 98%

5.   Kismia

An international dating site for people who are looking for a real relationship. To use the full functionality, you need a Premium account. Personal data is hidden from unregistered users. There is a mobile version.

Quality — 95%

Reliability- 50%

Convenience — 95%

Performance — 95%

Bots — 40%

Security — 95%

If to consider statistics of online dating with a positive outcome, you can make sure that this method is very advantageous: 7 out of 10 couples who met on the Internet, create if not families, then quite strong couples.

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