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Top iOS app Development Companies in 2022


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There are many mobile applications used by everyday smartphone users, but iPhone or iOS applications tend to be more exclusive. The basic difference between iOS apps and Android apps is that iOS apps are made for certain types of smartphones only (iPhone and Mac series). Android apps on the one hand are “generally developed” for so many devices. That’s why the user experience on iOS apps is usually better than the user experience on Android ones. When your company develops iPhone/iOS applications, it is an opportunity for you to provide a good user experience. In this article, we will explain the top iOS application development services that you can find today. Teaming up with one of them is a guarantee for your success.

1. Orangesoft

It is a well-known iPhone application development company in the United States. With no less than 100 experienced developers, IT analysts, web designers, and QA engineers, Orangesoft has always been the benchmark when professional companies are looking for developers to develop their new iPhone applications. Having been operating for approximately 11 years and having 300 successful projects, Orangesoft is the best choice when it comes to choosing a developer of iOS-based applications.

2. Digital Awesome

The company is very experienced in managing user-friendly platforms to serve so many users. As a result, it’s used to create iOS apps that are user-friendly and able to accommodate multiple users at once (at one time).

3. LimeGreen Apps

Operating since 5 years ago, now LimeGreen Apps employs many UX/UI designers, graphic designers, IT analysts, and software engineers with a total of around 150 people. These human resources support LimeGreen Apps’ efforts to continue to compete at the top of the ranks of iOS mobile app developers. So far LimeGreen Apps has created no less than 500 high-quality apps, which have helped millions of people to connect.


This software development company has collaborations with more than 100 IT professionals at various levels. So far ROCKETECH has developed 150 applications for around 100 startups, most of which are iOS applications. One interesting thing about ROCKETECH is that one of their innovative solutions was recognized by the Grammy Awards. The company works from upstream to downstream so its clients just have to come up with a basic idea and let ROCKETECH do the rest.

5. Steelkiwi

This software development company is known for its expertise in developing software for health services such as pharmacies and clinics. The good news is that Steelkiwi works more within the iOS system.

6. SparxIT

SparxIT is a developer recognized by NASSCOM. Having served many companies for more than 14 years, SparxIT has won many awards. For anyone who needs software developers for seamless digital transformation based on iOS systems, SparxIT is one of the best options. The secret to SparxIT’s success is perhaps the harmonious collaboration among the people behind it, consisting of business analysts, IT analysts, IT engineers, UI/UX designers, and many more.

7. Small Planet

Small Planet works on the principle that every software production line must be supported by a simple collaboration that is responsive to all situations, whether planned or not. This company has worked for a decade and produces many iOS applications that are still used by millions of people today. Surely this fact is the reason why Small Planet is included in this list.

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