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Portable Batteries for MacBook

by Felix Omondi
portable batteries

One of the best things about MacBook laptops is their long battery life. Typically, they last in the ranges of 10 hours on a single charge, but that is if the battery is still under new conditions; less than 1,000 charge cycles.

Nonetheless, if you are on a long flight, or out doing field work with no wall power outlet access. You might want to grab one of these portable batteries for when your computer when it runs out of juice. They work in much the same way power banks charge your low-battery smartphone.

It is important that the portable battery you choose be compact and light, so it can easily fit inside your laptop bag without weighing you down. Though not all come with the MagSafe connector like Apple charges.

#1 – 52,000mAH Ultimate External Battery for MacBook [$499.95]

This portable battery has enough charge to recharge your MacBook for a couple of days. It also features multi-voltage capacities ranging from 9V to 20V and two USB ports, which you can use to charge two iPads simultaneously.portable batteries

The battery also has a safety protection system to charge your MacBook computer safely. It has a smart display for showing the current remaining power and its current voltage level.

#2 – Lizone 40,000mAh High Performance Mac External Battery [$199]

This portable battery features a USB port zapping out 5 volts and a DC voltage output in the ranges of 15-20 volts. That is enough power to charge your MacBook safely.portable batteries

It has Li-Ion cells by Panasonic with an overcharge/discharge circuit for protection. Its main DC output port is compatible with all the MacBook Pro series and MacBook Air series. Lizone has bigger options for those of you who feel 40,000mAh is not enough.

#3 – GreatShield LuminousPower External Battery Pack [$29.99]

With 7800mAh capacity, GreatShield Luminous is ideal for a user looking for great portability and not many charge cycles before they find a wall power outlet. The portable battery also features a built-in short circuit to prevent your MacBook and the battery itself from over-charging and over-heating.portable batteries

It has 4 LED lights that show you the charge level left in the battery and a dual-LED flashlight that serves as torchlight when needed. The GreatShield LuminousPower is powered by Samsung Li-Ion battery and promises at least 500 charge cycles.

#4 – Mobile Freedom External Laptop Battery [$199.99]

It is a universal Li-Ion battery pack that can charge most laptops including a MacBook. It has a battery capacity of 130Wh.portable batteries

It is the ideal portable battery if you want to charge your MacBook as well as other laptops.

#5 – 12/16/19-100 External Battery Pack [$199]

Another portable battery option if you are looking to charge both your MacBook and other laptops. It comes fitted with a 100Wh battery and can give your laptop an addition 4-6 hours running time.portable batteries

It has LED indicators to show the current running voltage levels (12V, 16V, and 19V) and a battery life indicator. The battery weighs about 1.8 pounds and is quite easy to carry around in your laptop bag. It can also charge most of your other USB devices.

Some people tend to leave their laptops plugged in throughout if they know they will need to leave and will not have access to the wall power outlet for some time. This behavior shortens your battery life; it is recommended you remove the charger once your battery is fully complete.

There is a long-standing debate as to whether you should wait for your laptop to be critically low on battery before recharging; and when recharge you must wait until it is 100% full. Or should you recharge at 20% mark and can comfortably remove it from charge at 80% mark. There are those who believe the first argument actually shortens the charge cycle of Li-Ion batteries, and recommend the second point of view. You will need to research further to establish what’s correct for your laptop.

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