Top Remote Jobs for Accountants and Platforms for Finding Remote Accounting Jobs

Top Remote Jobs for Accountants and Platforms for Finding Remote Accounting Jobs

Remote work has become increasingly popular, offering even accountants numerous opportunities to utilize their skills from the comfort of their own homes. Here are some top remote jobs for accountants and the platforms where they can find remote accounting jobs.

1. Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers handle daily financial transactions, including recording income and expenses, managing accounts payable and receivable, and reconciling bank statements.


Upwork: Freelance marketplace with numerous bookkeeping opportunities.

FlexJobs: Offers a variety of remote bookkeeping positions.

Indeed: Regular job board with remote job filters.

2. Tax Preparer

Tax preparers assist individuals and businesses in preparing and filing their tax returns, ensuring compliance with tax laws and maximizing deductions.

Platforms: Specializes in remote work listings, including tax preparation jobs.

Freelancer: Another freelance platform with tax preparation projects.

LinkedIn: Use the job search feature to find remote tax preparation roles.

3. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts assess financial data, create financial models, and provide insights to help businesses make informed decisions.


Toptal: Connects top freelancers with companies needing financial analysis.

Glassdoor: Lists remote financial analyst positions and company reviews.

AngelList: Great for finding remote financial analyst roles in startups.

4. Controller

Controllers oversee financial reporting, budgeting, and accounting operations, ensuring accurate financial statements and compliance.


We Work Remotely: Focuses on remote job listings, including controller roles.

ZipRecruiter: Has a robust search feature for remote controller jobs.

SimplyHired: Another job board with remote job filters.

5. Auditor

Auditors examine financial records to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulations, often working for public accounting firms or corporations.


Robert Half: Specializes in finance and accounting jobs, including remote auditor positions.

PeoplePerHour: Freelance platform with auditing projects.

Guru: Offers freelance auditing jobs among other categories.

6. Accounting Consultant

Accounting consultants provide expert advice on financial management, accounting systems, and regulatory compliance.


FlexJobs: Lists consulting roles that can be done remotely.

Upwork: Numerous consulting projects available.

LinkedIn: Professional network with consulting job postings.

7. Payroll Specialist

Payroll specialists manage employee compensation, ensuring timely and accurate payroll processing.


Indeed: Offers remote payroll specialist positions.

Glassdoor: Search for remote payroll jobs and read company reviews.

FlexJobs: Features a variety of remote payroll roles.

8. Forensic Accountant

Forensic accountants investigate financial discrepancies and fraud, often working with law enforcement agencies.


We Work Remotely: Lists remote forensic accounting jobs.

Robert Half: Specializes in accounting and finance roles.

LinkedIn: Useful for finding niche roles like forensic accounting.

9. Accounts Payable/Receivable Specialist

Specialists in this area manage outgoing and incoming payments, maintaining accurate records and ensuring timely transactions.


Upwork: Freelance jobs for accounts payable/receivable tasks.

FlexJobs: Features remote positions in accounts payable/receivable.

SimplyHired: Search for remote accounts payable/receivable jobs.

10. Virtual CFO

Virtual Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) provide strategic financial leadership for businesses, often on a part-time or contract basis.


Toptal: Connects top financial experts with businesses needing a virtual CFO.

AngelList: Find virtual CFO roles in startups.

We Work Remotely: Lists remote CFO positions.

These are just some of the many remote job opportunities available for accountants. Platforms like Upwork, FlexJobs,, and LinkedIn are excellent resources for finding these positions. You can find the perfect remote accounting job that fits your expertise and lifestyle by leveraging these platforms and showcasing your skills.

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