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Top Secrets That the VIN Code Can Reveal


Although there are so many cars in the world, almost each of them has its own ID — a VIN code. This combination serves as a vehicle fingerprint and can tell a lot about it. Thus, knowledge of the VIN code will not only give you access to the car history but will also greatly facilitate the search for its spare parts. So let’s dive deeper into the question of VIN code value, check-up, and importance.

General Information

Vehicle Identification Number is the name of the vehicle identification number. The first version of the international standard dates back to 1977; at that time, the use of an individual VIN code became an international norm. Without assigning it to a car, a manufacturer simply couldn’t sell a vehicle.

According to international rules, the alphanumeric designation is applied to non-removable parts of the body, in those places that are least susceptible to corrosion. Information is also “duplicated” on a special plate that is mounted on the front of the car. In most modern cars, the marking is located on the front left pillar and the upper left side of the dashboard. The VIN code is also registered in the vehicle datasheet, so it will not be a problem for you or FAXVIN to find it.

What Is Encrypted in the VIN Code?

Any VIN code consists of 17 characters, with each covering certain information about the manufacturer, year of manufacture, or technical parameters. According to the info coverage, the code is divided into three parts:

WMI (World Manufacturers Identification) — the first three characters are the global manufacturer index;

VDS (Vehicle Description Section) — the next six characters — the so-called descriptive part;

VIS (Vehicle Identification Section) — the remaining 8 characters of the code are called the distinctive part.

According to the international standards for user convenience, the letters I, O, and Q are excluded from the combination because of their similarity with the “1” and “0” numbers.

Why Do You Need a VIN Code?

Every year, the importance of the VIN code is becoming more and more recognized. If earlier only dedicated specialists could decode the combination and many neglected it, with the time, such valuable car check is rarely skipped. As a rule, the most spread cases when people do the VIN code check is to:

receive the information about a car when buying a pre-owned vehicle. by entering the number, you can get a report on the full history of the vehicle, with all the specs about car owners, places of registration, legality, etc.;

get information about possible restrictions: fines, pledges, or arrest;

know car specs when purchasing its parts.

It is quite obvious that over time the number of services and information received by the VIN code will increase significantly. And there are many reasons for that.

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