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Top Sites to Watch Free Movies and Series Online 2020 | Now that 123Movies was Shutdown

by Felix Omondi

123Movies has, for long, been the go-to website for over 98 million people monthly to watch free movies and series online. However, sometime in March 2018, the site was shut down. Leaving millions of people out in the cold and darkness.

Naturally, alternative websites have since been cropping up. All wishing to provide the same free movies and series streaming and downloading that drew millions to 123Movies.

While there are many such websites on the internet, only a handful come close to measuring up to 123Movies. This article will explore some of the best websites to stream or download free movies and series online. Without much further blurb, they are as follows:

Top Sites to Watch Free Movies and Series Online

Got a long weekend ahead of you? Got no plans to go out and about with friends and family? Perhaps you are feeling unwell, and the physician has recommended some bed rest. Whatever your reason for staying at home, you certainly could make the time fly by with some killer movie or TV series online.

If you are looking for websites where you can watch free movies and series, try any of the sites mentioned below:

Sony Crackle

Let us not lie to ourselves. Most (actually 99.99%) of the websites showing free movies and series online are in one way or the other breaking the law. Yes, you will be watching those content illegally, and if you are unlucky to be in certain countries, it could land you in a lot of trouble.

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However, that is not the case with Sony Crackle. Yes, it is associated with Sony, a big name in the media entertainment business. And all of the videos hosted at Sony Crackle are of good quality. All you need is to sign up for an account and catch up on a great collection of video entertainment across all genres, including action, comedy, and sci-fi.

Sony Crackle even has an official mobile app for Android and iOS devices. That is just how legit this website for free download and streaming movies and videos online is.


Let us call a spade a spade; Vumoo is a Netflix knockoff. Even its navigation menu looks almost exactly like what you get on Netflix. So if you are already familiar with the Netflix interface, you will feel right at home using Vumoo.

What about the content? Well, Vumoo hosts a great collection of movies and TV series. Their library is also sufficiently updated regularly. It will be difficult to lack something you will enjoy watching every time you visit the website. has a great collection of latest movies and series. However, what sets it apart from the rest is the exceptional streaming speed compared to most other streaming websites. They also bombard you with considerably fewer advertisements.

Their library is updated almost daily. So you will rarely miss out on the latest blockbuster movies and series. You might be just a few hours behind those watching them via the ‘proper channels.’ The website also shows the IMDb ratings alongside each movie or series in their catalog.


PopCornFlix boasts an extensive catalog of movies and series. Their library is also updated frequently, sometimes almost daily. Users have also praised the site for being user friendly. 

They have done a fantastic job of categorizing their movies and series into various genres. Making it easy for the viewers to quickly and easily sort through the library and find what they want to watch. PopCornFlix also has an official mobile app for those who want to watch while on-the-go.

Watch Free Me

As the name suggests, Watch Free Me is a website to watch free movies and series online. And boy, does it have a massive pool of movies and series to binge-watch! All you need is to visit the site and sort through their user-friendly navigation menu to find something that picks your interest. However, what you will be browsing to are just links to videos and series hosted on other websites. The website itself does not host any videos; instead, you click out to the website hosting the video you wish to watch.

Ice Films Info

Are you into the oldies? Then Ice Films Info is the website for you to catch all the classic movies and series. The website also boasts a massive catalog of video content, ensuring you will not run out of something to watch anytime soon.

It also shows the IMDb ratings alongside each movie and series. Users can also sort their search in terms of country and genre. There is also a section on the website – featured movies – showing the top trending movies and series on the website.

My Download Tube

Unlike other websites on this list, the My Download Tube not only allows you to not only stream but also download the movie and series for free. So if you don’t have an internet connection while at home, you can visit the website where you have unmetered and fast internet for offline bingeing at home. A great idea if you have metered or slow internet at your home, and would rather download the movies using the office Wi-Fi (if it is allowed).


You might be okay watching movies and series on knockoff websites, but we all want the video to be in good quality. That is often not the case with most sites streaming free movies and series.

However, things are different with Niter as all movies and TV series hosted at the site are in HD. And they are all available for free, but you will need to sign up for a free account to start enjoying the movies and series. They also update their library quite regularly, so you can be sure to have the latest films on your watchlist.


HDO comes with a clean and neat interface, which makes the viewing experience all the more satisfying. Since you don’t waste time looking for what you want. You simply hover your cursor over a movie or series thumbnail, and more information about the video is displayed. Thus enabling you to be better informed about it, and most of the videos are also in good quality, so less of a headache with that.

Go Movies

If you were accustomed to 123Movies, you will feel right at home with Go Movies. It offers a navigation interface similar to the former. Go Movies has a massive catalog of latest movies and series, all also in HD. This site provides you both options for streaming the videos or downloading them for offline viewing.


The above list is not exhaustive, not even close. There are hundreds – possibly thousands – of websites on the internet to stream or download movies and series for free. However, since we are comparing to the legendary (now defunct) 123Movies website. The above list contains some of the best websites for that purpose.

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