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Top Software for Finding and Removing Duplicate Files on Windows

by Felix Omondi
duplicate files finder

One of the very many things that annoy me about my laptop is the fact I sometimes share it out to my friends and family. It is not that I’d prefer not to share it, but I’d prefer if they stopped duplicating files within. You find someone creating their own library of MP3 songs, and it so happen 60% of their collection are also in my library, but they created a folder and placed new files for songs already on the computer.

Then when you launch music player like iTunes, which scan the entire hard disk and brings you a simple-to-use list of all songs on your computer. Then you discover you have multiple songs with several duplicates copy of them on your local system. While this is what annoys me the most, I am sure you also have your own story of duplicate files that annoys you when you find them on your computer.

In this article, we are going to share some of the best application for finding and deleting duplicate files on your computer.

#1 – Duplicate Cleaner Pro: As the name suggests, this application will scan your entire local storage and come up with a list of all duplicate files. It also comes with a straightforward interface, while having powerful features to get the job done right. However, it is a premium software, but you get a trial period during which you can give it a spin.

#2 – Auslogics Duplicate File Finder: Just like the aforementioned, this one too has a simple interface but with powerful features to get the job done right. It also comes with a pane for previewing the files; you can view pictures, play the music files, and preview the video before you decide to delete them. This application used to get negative reviews in the past because they bundled some junkware alongside, but they have since dropped the act.duplicate files finder

#3 – SearchMyFiles: This app is somewhat advance and comes with more customization options. You can narrow down the search to files created, modified, or access within specific dates and times. It is the product of NirSoft, the developers famed for creating useful tools and availing them for free; but more importantly, their tools don’t come bundled with junkware. Like most of NirSoft other application, SearchMyFiles is also a portable app.

The three above mentioned software will get rid of all your duplicate files trouble on your computer. However, as a word of caution, do not delete files found under C:\ under the program files. Deleting these file may corrupt your operating system or some of the applications you have installed.

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