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Top Tech for Aging in Peace


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Moving into an aged care facility is the last resort for many aging adults. They generally want to remain in their own homes for as long as possible, especially as it allows them to maintain their independence. Fortunately, we live in a remarkably advanced era, with many different products now available to keep older adults as safe as possible in their own homes. Whether you’re trying to retain your independence or want an aging family member to be safe and comfortable in their own space, you might consider making some of the following tech purchases.

Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems with accessories like pendants with buttons and fall detection bracelets can provide families with much-needed peace of mind. These systems are easy to set up in someone’s home and can offer a direct line of communication to family members and emergency services during a medical event or fall. While people with these systems can use a button when they’re in trouble, some also come with fall detection technology to recognize a problem and act on the user’s behalf.

Disease-Monitoring Toilets

Toilets are the last place you expect to see new technology, but ToiLabs has come up with a toilet called TrueLoo that can identify potential health problems by scanning the contents of the bowl.

Essentially, TrueLoo is a smart seat with sensors installed on a standard toilet and focuses on the color, frequency, shape, and consistency of body waste. This information is then turned into a report to detect potential problems like dehydration, urinary tract infections, and even norovirus. The toilet seat was initially trialed in aged living facilities, but there was potential for it to be available to the general public after clinical trials.

Medication Management Services

Many older adults in our communities experience a range of health complications that see them taking various prescription medications each day. Keeping track of these medications can be challenging and stressful, but that’s where technology can be a game-changer.

You can now utilize medication management services, such as Hero, with an app and dispenser technology. The dispenser can organize, track, and store different medication types and even retain information on doses and consumption. The individual taking the medication can use the app themselves, or a tech-savvy family member can manage it for them.

Tracking Technology

As people get older, their bodies and brains experience all manner of changes. Some people find that they don’t retain new information as well as they used to or lose items more frequently. While technology may not stop you from losing your car keys, mobile phone, or glasses, some incredibly advanced products exist to help you find them quickly.

One such product is a tile sticker. You can place these small tracking stickers on a range of easy-to-lose items like wallets and keys, and you can find them again by using the app that connects to the stickers via Bluetooth.

There may come a time when you’re no longer able to remain in your home independently, but that doesn’t mean you can’t delay the inevitable. It might be worth looking at the fantastic technology that now exists for your own independence or for your loved ones.

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