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Top Ten Nigerian Female Techies you should be on the lookout for

Top Ten Nigerian Female Techies

Africa populous nation and biggest economy is a hot bed of ICT innovation and development, And the women folks are part and parcel of this innovation and development spewing out of Nigeria. They are active stakeholders and not just as consumers of ICT solutions, but as producers and innovators driving impacting positive change and growth.

Today we feature some of the best Nigerian female techies that have caught international attention for their remarkable contribution to the ICT world. These ladies are some of the top-notch software developers or programmer Nigeria has to offer.

The Top 10 Nigerian Female Techies

Ire Aderinokun: She is a Google Expert in Web Technologies who is a self-taught front-end developer and UI designer. Aderinokun is the Head of Design and Product at Big Cabal. Innov8tiv first met at the Google’s Progressive Web Apps Roadshow stop in Nairobi in August last year. Aderinokun gives talks on User Experience Design and Front-End development. You can catch some of her techie blogs at

Moyinoluwa Adeyemi: Adeyemi is the creator of ‘Yoruba Watch Faces’, an app that showcases a collection of Yoruba watch faces built in Yoruba language. She is a professional programmer in Java and a co-organizer of Google Developer Events and a software engineer at Swifta Systems. She also writes Machine Learning, Android, and other things techie on Medium @moyinoluwa.

Makinwa Olubukola: She is a JS or Ruby Developer and a lead facilitator at Andela. Olubukula was formerly a Lead Developer at Swap Space. She is also currently ranked among the top developers in Nigeria by Github.

Omolara Adejuwon: Adejuwon is a Ninja Android Software Developer and co-Founder of Kass Africa. She is also ranked among the top 10 developers in GitHub Nigeria. She also writes articles on Medium @_larikraun.

Yetunde Oluwasanni: Known mostly by her moniker “Yettie”. Yetunde is a Software Developer at Andela and campaign coordinator of Code Spark. She also co-founded Tech In Pink, an organization that gives back and inspires female coders. A Machine Learning Enthusiast, she blogs at

Lynda Chiwetelu: Lynda is software developer at, the largest hotel booking site in Nigeria. She’s a pro at Javascript, PHP, HTML 5, and CSS. Her personal blog talks a lot on Tech at

Rukayat Sadiq: Rukayat is part of female developers leading the pack. She is a software Engineer and Technical Team Lead at Andela. She is also proficient in MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js) as well as the FAN stack (Firebase, Angular JS, Node.js). Known as a problem solver, she’s currently active on Facebook and Medium.

Onyeka Aghanenu: An artist turned programmer. Onyeka has over 6 years’ experience in front end development. Her core expertise is in Javascript, CSS, WordPress, Python, Django, PHP, Adobe Creative Suite.

Kosy Frances Anyanwu: Kosisochukwu, which is her first full name, is a DevOps Engineer and software developer with Andela. Personally, I like how she is so detailed on her journey to becoming a programmer and how bug-fixing made her a better programmer. You can follow her Medium articles.

Aisha Bello: A champion for the Python programming language, Aisha currently is the organizer of Django Girls (a developer workshop for girls learning and proficient in the use of Python and Django). She talks on all things Tech and Python related. She is also an Associate Systems Engineer at Cisco.

The above is just a tip of the iceberg, there are more techies ladies in Nigeria that have not been included in this list by DevCenter, who compiled the list and first feature the article.

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