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Top Things You’ll Need to Start Your Own Home Studio


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With more and more people staying home and developing their hobbies, many are starting to take their musical skills to the next level. Of course, to do this properly, you’ll want to build a home studio. This may seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. You only need a handful of tech devices to get started and then you can build from there if you want to. Here are the basics that you’ll need.

Top-Shelf Computer

Instead of choosing between a desktop and laptop computer, you may want to choose both. While desktops can be more powerful, laptops give you more mobility if you are moving around the studio. Linking both via software allows you to take advantage of the benefits of both.

The Available Funds

While this isn’t technology, you’ll definitely need it. Gadgets cost money and you may not have all that you need right in the beginning. Instead of trying to save up the total amount that you’ll need, apply with a private lender for low interest loans that can cover everything you’ll need. You can then pay as agreed and since the interest is low, it won’t be painful to your monthly budget.

Digital Audio Workshop

DAW is an acronym for a digital audio workshop. This is a piece of software that enables you to not only record your music but edit it as you wish as well. Higher-end workstation software also allows you to mix the music in addition to mastering it for actual public release.

Audio Interfaces

These turn the music produced by your voice or instruments into digital signals that can be recorded to the computers. Workshop software work with any interfaces so you can simply pick the ones you feel the most comfortable working with.

Studio Microphones

The number of microphones you buy completely depends on what you are doing in the studio. If it is just you, no more than one or two are needed. However, if you have other musicians present, you will need at least several more. Consult with an experienced employee at an instrument shop so that you’ll know exactly how many and what kind of mics you’ll need to properly record everything.


Don’t forget that you need to hear everything you are recording. This can be done with a decent pair of studio headphones. You can move up to studio monitors once you get the hang of recording and mixing everything.

Bonus Items

There are a number of other smaller items you will need as well. The number and models will vary with each studio, but you will certainly need cables for all of the equipment as well as stands for the microphones. Speaking of microphones, you’ll definitely want a pop filter for each mic that you own. If you do not know what a pop filter is, it prevents blasts of air coming from your mouth from hitting the diaphragm of the microphone too hard and making popping noises on the recording. All of these smaller items are quite necessary.

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