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Top Tips for Using Automatic Case Erectors


With the escalating nature of technology, it seems that the manufacturing world is headed for a future characterized by numerous possibilities. For instance, automation is taking over the packaging industry. In particular, things like automated care erectors are making it possible to accurately construct several cases in minutes. However, to get the best out of your case erector, it’s important to learn the basics. The following tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your case erectors.

Perfect Hardware

A case erector is a special machine for making packaging cases or boxes. A good case erector should come with the best hardware. The hardware should suit your company’s explicit needs. The hardware is the actual mechanical hardware or box maker. If you want more accuracy, think about getting it right with the hardware. It should have an automated case maker as well as case sealers. Getting it right with this basic structure makes the process accurate. You will also create uniform shapes and sizes. This will reduce your company’s overall labor-related costs. Still more, it will play a key role when it comes to increasing your turnarounds time as well as volume.

Shipping Needs

Automated case rectors are used to create packaging boxes. They are the ultimate tools far as processing and shipping your goods. The machine creates the bottom flaps using a program, making the shapes and sizes that are extremely accurate. The best part, these machines can make packaging boxes from used, new, or recycled materials. Still more, the design of the boxes is in such a way that the products or parcels cannot be damaged.


The good thing with case erectors is that they can save time and minimize costs. Still more, these case erectors increase the efficiency and productivity of your company. This means that it will take less time to assemble boxes for packaging, sealing, and shipping the products. Your team will have sufficient time to concentrate on other important matters of your business. It can use the extra time to improve quality control and productivity. They also free up more space, making your production efficient, safe, and cost-effective. Get your case erector from an automated case company and make your packaging line efficient today.

Positive Environmental Impact

Automated case erectors can use new, used, or recycled materials. This plays a key role when it comes to conserving the environment.  Used materials can be recycled and used in making packaging cases. Thus, you can count on these machines to have a positive footprint on the environment.

Uniform Cases

Still more, the boxes from these machines are uniform in terms of construction. This means that you can load more boxes into the trucks and shipment equipment. Thus, bring these automated case erectors into your packaging line and improve your company’s overall efficiency and productivity. Invest in automated case erectors for more efficiency and improved productivity.

The Bottom-Line

The above tips and tricks are all you need to get the most out of your case erectors. These tips will help you get the most out of your case erectors.

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