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Top Tips to Remember When Playing at High Stakes Casinos


Don Johnson was a relatively unknown man when he first began to play blackjack at popular casinos in Atlantic City. Yet in a span of six months, the blackjack fan won $4 million at Caesars, $5 million at Borgata and nearly $6 million in several hours at the Tropicana Casino.

Now, Johnson is rich, famous, travels all over the world and hangs out with a multitude of celebrities. What’s Johnson’s secret? The high roller, who often spends up to $100,000 per hand of blackjack, says his secret for winning high stakes game is to have a plan and possess some skills.

The key words are “some skills,” meaning you don’t have to be the best player around. Instead, learn these tips and use them consistently.

Choose High-Paying Games

Online casinos have hundreds of games, so there’s always a chance you’ll find a game you can enjoy. But before you make you pick, look at its Return to Player (RTP) or house edge. Slot machines show their payout rates by displaying an RTP percentage.

The best slots have an RTP percentage of at least 95%. That means they payback 95% of gambled money while the rest is kept by casinos. Some slots have payouts of up to 99%. But keep in mind all slots are games of pure luck. They have no winning guarantees.

If you prefer to play at table games, you should look at the house edge. Blackjack has a house edge of 1%, making it one of the best-paying card games. By comparison, roulette has a house advantage of 2.7% if you choose European roulette and 5.2% if you select American roulette.

Look out for High Roller Bonuses

Many online casinos love high rollers. VIP customers spend big and increase the profit potential for casinos. As a reward, you’re likely to get bonuses from the time you sign up for an account to the time you unlock the highest level of a VIP program.

In light of that information, you can expect tons of rewards at various online casinos. Compare multiple offers and claim some of them. This website,, can help you choose top-quality VIP bonuses. It does the heavy lifting of reading the terms and conditions of different high-stakes casino bonuses and compiles a list of the best offers for you.

Use bonuses to boost your chances of winning. Sometimes they can also help reduce losses because you don’t have to gamble using real cash. The best casino bonuses have high-withdrawal limits. This way, playing with betting credits can lead to winning decent money.

Maximize your Betting Limits

Maximizing your betting limits doesn’t mean spending more money than you can afford to lose. It means you wager as much as your budget allows. The opposite is to minimize your stakes. This helps you stay at the casinos for a longer time but it doesn’t help you increase profits.

Betting maximum amounts ensures you reap big every time you’re on a winning run. You might not win every time. But when you do, you win something worthwhile. This strategy is particularly helpful in games of luck like slots and roulette.

If you bet cents on slots, there’s a chance you’ll also win pennies. And since the games favor casinos, there’s also a possibility of going home with a loss. If you bet big, however, every winning chance brings the likelihood of winning a lot more than you wagered. And this increases your possibility of making profits in the long haul.

Play at your Skill Level

Many high rollers tend to think all table games are created equal. This isn’t true, especially when playing multiplayer blackjack, poker or baccarat tournaments. Poker, in particular, is a game of skill and some players are simply better than others.

If you’re a beginner, you want to join a table with players of your skill level. This might mean betting small amounts—most beginners start small. After you become proficient, you can then move up to high-limit tables and compete with more skilled players.

In the case of blackjack, you don’t want to make large bets on your first game with a new dealer. Start small to assess their skills. If they’re too good, then request a different dealer or lower your bankroll. Only spend big when you have a decent chance of winning.

Have Profit Targets and Loss Limits

If you’re like many people, you don’t just play casino games for the fun of it. You play slots, blackjack and poker to make profits too. Unfortunately, gambling is full of ups and downs. You need to manage your expectations by having clear profit and loss targets.

Crucially, your targets should be guided by your budget. Let’s say you have a $5000 monthly budget for slots. You can divide the money into weekly and daily bankrolls. Then have a daily profit target and a loss limit. Be grateful when you hit your targets but also quit playing immediately you hit your loss limits.

Profit and loss limits help you stick to your budget. But more importantly, they help you keep gambling in control. You don’t need to chase your losses and you’re less likely to mismanage your money.

You Deserve a Reliable Casino

Don Johnson never made his millions at one casino. He’s been play at multiple casinos over the years. Some of casinos have since kicked him out for winning too much. But he never gives up. Instead, he looks for better companies that see him as an asset rather than a liability.

Likewise, you don’t need to waste your time with casinos that don’t value you. Far too many casinos are willing to shower high rollers with bonuses. All you need is to find them and sign up for an account.

That said, there’s no rule that says you can’t join more than one online casino. You can join as many casinos as you want. However, do due diligence to ensure you only join reliable casinos. These casinos give you the best gambling experience.


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