Track How Much Time You Waste Using This Smart iPhone App

Track How Much Time You Waste Using This Smart iPhone App

The good thing about machines is, they do not get distracted and they do exactly what you command them to do. The thing about us is, we are human beings, and we get distracted thanks to the works of other human beings. And once we are distracted, there is no limit to the time we waste.

To put a limit to the time we waste, developer Kevin Holesh has come up with and app for iPhone users. This app is called “Moment” and its goal is to make you realize that every moment of your life is very precious, don’t waste it in playing 2048 or flappy birds on your iPhone. With App Store flooded with apps that provide you great means of distractions, such an app really was much needed.

This app helps you keeping track of your own habits like where you go, what games you play most, how much time you spend on your phone. Knowing these habits is useful whether or not you want to change any of them.


This app runs in the background once you have set it up. It uses your phone’s GPS to keep track of the places you visit and you can have them plotted on the map for you. Moreover it keeps track of the time you spend on certain apps, games or overall on your iPhone. There are 5 polite reminders as well as 5 intense reminder sounds available in case you are using way too much time on your device.

How to Activate and Set Up

After installation of the app you have to set preferences once and then you don’t have to worry about the need to open the app again. Just open it once, and turn off “I’m on my iPhone” (white indicates off and green indicates on). Then go to settings menu by tapping on the little gear icon on top. For app to track your day you have to turn on “Track where I go”, this will ask you to grant permission for using your phone’s GPS. After granting permission simply turn on tracking of phone usage and you are good to go.

The Good

You can set up limits for the time you spend on iPhone and set up alerts for that. The functionality of subtle as well as intense reminders is very good especially if you are trying to get rid of your addiction of Wordament.

The Bad

The app runs continuously in the background using your GPS all the time, resulting into reduced battery life.

Download free from iTunes.

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