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Train Your Brain for Free with the Echo Glass App for Apple Devices

by Tiffany Linzan

Train Your Brain for Free with the Echo Glass App for Apple Devices

Developer Steven Snyder couldn’t have selected a better day to release the free app, Echo Glass via the iTunes store. With this Thursday being TechDay, techies all over will be tuned in and searching for info on new devices, apps, and start-ups. Snyder’s app introduces a new kind of mobile gaming, making Echo Glass’s debut day a great addition to the TechDay excitement.

What makes this app super awesome?
Echo Glass is super challenging. No flying birds into bricks or rubbing ducks’ bellies here. Snyder’s games are centered on his love for engineering and art, which means his games are designed with an objective which actually makes sense. And it’s totally free!

In addition to the game’s objective, this app enhances cognitive abilities while keeping you hooked. The minimalist layout is crisp and artsy making game play visually stimulating. Your brain is smiling already.

Why you should be sold?
Steven Snyder has a pretty interesting background. Don’t believe me? Check out his scientific and artistic background on his website—he’s a real genius. So play on! Your brain will thank you later.

What’s the gist of the game?
• Begin on the red circle.
• Trace a line in the white play area. Then watch the line move as it is redrawn as a mirror image in the black play area.
• Complete tasks for collecting the 3 polygons to advance to the next stage.
• Avoid the danger dots along the way
• Be creative and Enjoy!

Echo Glass Step 1
Echo Glass Step 2

Seems simple, huh? Wait until you actually play. With five different mirrors and a total of twenty-five levels, your brain is doing some serious work!

Echo Glass and TechDay:
Echo Glass’s debut day shares a day with NYC TechDay 2014—this Thursday, April 24th. What’s the significance? TechDay 2014 is a great way to exhibit new ideas, information, and products. The Echo Glass app introduces a new way of app-learning for all ages. Snyder—like every techie, unless they’re evil geniuses—encourages and creates technology with the purpose of improving business, the quality of life, etc. This app’s game play implements a unique way of turning a stalled train or a long wait into a beneficial brain-training session. To get more information on Echo Glass App, click here for Facebook and follow them on Twitter by clicking here.

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