How to Transfer Photos, File to an iPad from your PC, Mac Using USB and other Methods

If you want to transfer your photos and other data to your iPad from your Mac or PC, following are some of the ways you can do it.

How to Transfer Photos, File to an iPad from your PC, Mac

1- You will need a Camera Kit for this process. The camera kit was made by Apple to let users transfer photos to and from iPads. We will use this camera kit to transfer files and folders from iPad using a trick.

Connect your USB flash drive with your Mac. Go to the USB flash drive and create a new folder named “DCIM” in the root directory. Now transfer all the photos and files and files you want to transfer to your iPad.

Now take out the USB Drive from your Mac and plug it into your iPad using Camera Connection Kit. You will be able to access your photos in iPad by going to the Photos app, where you can view and import all the photos.

 Some users report problems while transferring photos to iPad from a USB. Make sure you have the proper format of photos and other data. The USB should also be set to FAT or NTFS file system. But most of the times, FAT will work.

2- If you don’t want to use a camera connection kit, you can always use the iTunes sync or general sync option to transfer photos to an iPad from your laptop. Transfer all the photos to your iPad by just syncing your iTunes and system laptop with your iPad.

3- If none of the above method works, you can always transfer photos from iPad to your computer via email or other Cloud storage services which are abundant these days.

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