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Travel Accessories: The New Tech Gizmos You Should Try Out

Travel Accessories: The New Tech Gizmos You Should Try Out

Technology has an assortment of goods you should try out if you are thinking on going on a trip soon. There are just about every tech gizmos to address any needs you may have while travelling.

From speedy navigation, to more comfortable transit and improved experienced; there’s an accessory or tech gadget developed every new season to make the life of the wanderlust even easier. Here is a top-list of the most useful and sort-after tech-ccessories, by trip advisors at, an online hotel booking company.

Pocket size laundry bagTravel Accessories: The New Tech Gizmos You Should Try Out

A quick look on search engine lists the popular Scrubba Wash Bag, a contraption invented by fellow campers and avid travelers. This revolutionary product comes with a flexible internal washboard which allows you to do the necessary anywhere, anytime in just about six simple steps. The water usage is also minimal; with each full wash taking up between 4-5 litres. What’s more, you won’t have to keep vigil over bugs and creeps as the bag comes complete with a travel clothesline and a towel for pat-drying.

Fitness trackerTravel Accessories: The New Tech Gizmos You Should Try Out

The downside of travel, if any, is that you can actually overlook your basic health routine without really noticing it. A fitness tracker will, depending on the brand, act as your big brother – reminding you just how many steps you’ve walked and when it’s time to trade that sirloin steak for a baked chicken breast…although it’s up to you to heed or indulge anyway! Aim for a tracker that has display ability as opposed to one which requires you to reach out for your smartphone anytime you need to check the stats on your activities.

Overboard waterproof phone caseTravel Accessories: The New Tech Gizmos You Should Try Out

If you’ve not yet upgraded to the water resistant clique, then your definite savior comes in the form of this armor. I’m yet to see some fashion injected into this array of safeguards; functionality seems to be the key if the various designs available in the market are anything to go by. That said, it’s comforting enough to know you can still take selfies while swimming deep with the whales as well as dance in the rain without missing a (wet) moment or dipping into your pockets for a new gadget.

Female urination deviceTravel Accessories: The New Tech Gizmos You Should Try Out

All girls together! Because we all know being a girl in a public toilet is no pretty business and neither is squatting around in the wild. This little pinkie seeks to save women from unflattering situations such as not so clean hostel ablution quarters, non-existent bathrooms, camping sites, road trip caravans and generally poor sanitation areas. The device is also commonly referred to as FUD and basically helps women to take a short call while standing up, thus majorly lowering the risk of contracting diseases associated with poor sanitation and unhygienic exposure.

Solar powered inflatable lightTravel Accessories: The New Tech Gizmos You Should Try Out

Groping in the dark, whether in a camp or a tree house is not amusing at all; first, because none of us wants to report incidents and accidents in place of adventures and sightings and second, because in this age where there’s a gadget or an app for almost everything, it’d be simply ignorant to not bear your own light (sic). Packing an inflatable light in your backpack kind of adds a new bounce of confidence to your step, in the words of this wanderlust friend and writer, Thome Wolfgang, it’s not going to rain in your parade

Travel steam ironTravel Accessories: The New Tech Gizmos You Should Try Out

Talk of palm-size convenience. With this mouse like contraption, you will no longer have to press your clothes under your mattress to have them smoothened out! The iron box successfully and efficiently completes all tasks done by its forefathers without any complains; then crawls back into your rucksack without as much as a wheeze or pant.

Easy to pack luggage scalesTravel Accessories: The New Tech Gizmos You Should Try Out

Even the most luxe of travelers will appreciate a dime saved in time. One way to minimize your travel expenditure is ensuring that your luggage does not go overboard when it comes to the flight/courier guidelines. Anyone, even the most disciplined of shoppers has the ability to slip and fall into temptation, which could end up piling on extra pounds on your luggage. Walking around with this gadget is one way to keep your purchases in check.

Say it with this Flip flops!Travel Accessories: The New Tech Gizmos You Should Try Out

Aren’t they pretty? You could even build your marriage proposal around these floppies. This could be the literal version of stepping up to your word…or even walking the talk. Have fun.

Portable Washing Machine

Sonic Soak is the newest evolution in washing technology that utilizes ultrasonic technology to result in a deeper clean, saved time, water and energy, all in a compact package that can be taken anywhere. Sonic Soak generates modulated ultrasonic waves that travel through water to disintegrate dirt and bacteria at the microscopic level while being significantly more gentle than the conventional washing machine and even traditional hand washing.

xFyro xS2xFyro xS2

xFyro xS2 is the perfect piece of travel gadget that is designed as a fully stylish, and wireless earbuds delivering the best audio experience ever. Its high-speed charging case will also serve as a multifunctional power bank for your other devices. The award-winning engineers at xFyro audio created the most advanced pair of waterproof earbuds on the market, bringing next-generation technology today’s active listener

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