Trevor Noah angers South Africans for painting Julius Malema a White Genocidaire

julias malema

The internet is a double-edged sword; it can help you scale upwards, and it can just as easily work in the opposite direction. There have been many startup comedians who got their big break thanks to social media. A case in point is this young man, Mulamwah here. Then there are those heavyweights like Trevor Noah who fluff netizens’ feathers the wrong way. The netizens have not shied from letting them know that joke wasn’t funny!

The audacity of Trevor Noah saying Julius Malema is a White Genocidiare

No doubt Trevor Noah and his crew have made the Daily Show a popular television program with their rib-cracking satirical and witty jokes. However, making satirical comments on emotive subjects such as politics and religion are bound to rub a section of their audience the wrong way.

This time, Noah rubbed his home countrymen the wrong way. Particularly the Black South Africans who have for years been fighting for the end of apartheid, and have all citizens Black and White have a seat at the proverbial dinner table.

On a recent airing of the show, Noah called the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party in South Africa, Julius Malema, a white genocidaire. Noah even went further to show pictures of Malema next to Trump, and the two politicians’ shared loathing of a section of the media.

If you are one of those people thinking right now, ‘You know what, Trevor, this doesn’t seem too extreme. He just hates the press.’ Well, you might want to buckle up for this one,” said Noah.

Then incomplete clips of Julius Malema utterances were shown to the audience. Clips netizens say have been taken out of context. There was one clip showing Malema had, “not called for the killing of white people. At least for now. I cannot guarantee the future…

He (Malema) speaks about genocide like he’s talking about remodeling his kitchen.”

EFF advocating for Land Repatriation

Netizens upset with Noah on that particular show have showing Malema advocating for the genocide of Whites in South Africa, took to Twitter expressing their anger at the Daily Show host.

Malema and his party the EFF have been fighting for land repatriation in South Africa. There is a significant number of South African who were displaced by the early white settlers. Their lands were never returned to them even when the apartheid regime came to an end. Malema and his team want these ancestral lands returned to the native owners.

No more negative African rhetorics to White Audiences

Netizens mainly from South African called out the comedian for not being funny on this one. Here are some sample tweets.

And here is the full context of Malema’s video that Noah and his team over at the Daily Show conveniently left out while showing a predominantly white audience. Perhaps stirring up more unnecessary racial tension.


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