This Trick Will Stop Those Annoying YouTube Recommendations

This Trick Will Stop Those Annoying YouTube Recommendations

YouTube Recommendations can get sickening to the stomach. There you are browsing through your channels subscription, and YouTube is equally as active in serving you recommendations on other alternative channels and videos.

Moreover, more often than not, the channels that pop up under these recommendations don’t live up to your expectations. So you’re just there busy clicking on X, and the more you click, the more other recommendations keep getting served to you. Then you ask yourself, did you come to YouTube so you can spend your time cancelling YouTube Recommendations, or did you come to watch some videos?

Well, if you’re tired of those YouTube recommendations on channels and videos, the following are some few Do It Yourself (DIY) tricks to get rid of them.

Option 1: Clear your YouTube history

The YouTube recommendations get served to you based on your viewing and search history. If you could deny YouTube these histories, they will have no data to work with when they’re working on the next recommendation to bombard you with. The following are steps on how to clear your YouTube history on viewing and search:

Ø Scroll down to the bottom of a YouTube page and click on ‘History’

Ø Click on ‘Pause watch History’

Ø Next move to ‘Search History’

Ø Click on ‘Clear all search History’

Ø Finally click on ‘Pause search History’

Option 2: Block the Channels one by one

You can stop certain channel recommendations from being served to you over and over. Just click on the menu on one of the channel’s videos thumbnails and choose ‘Not Interested’.

Next, you will be prompted to tell YouTube why (some nerve they got! Asking such a question…) this will take you to a short survey with the following options as answers:

Ø ‘I don’t like the video’

Ø ‘I’m not interested in this channel’

Ø ‘I’m not interested in recommendations based on…

After selecting any of the above options, just click ‘Submit’ and voila! You are done!

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