Truecaller now allows you send quick Flash messages to contacts

Truecaller has a launched a new feature on its dialer app, Flash messaging. This feature is for those times when you can only communicate best in text instead of a voice call. But unlike the regular SMS texting, the Truecaller flash sends the message over the internet.

The feature enables you to send quick messages like ‘I am on my way’ or share your current location with your contact. The argument Truecaller puts forth for this feature is that; “Life changing events can take place in a flash, and communication needs to be quick and direct in those moments.”

Apparently, Flash messaging gives you a new way of sending pre-defined messages to your contact. It can be especially useful in situations where you are in distress and need to share your location.

The Truecaller app now also supports the dark theme; you know, because the dark theme is the thing right now.

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