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Truecaller Users Reach The 100 Million Mark

by Milicent Atieno

Truecaller Users Reach The 100 Million Mark

Truecaller the smart phonebook search app has announced the numbers of registered users using its app have reached 100 million. The app has also been upgraded by the introduction of new features: predictive style feature that suggest to users who to call basing on the user’s call history, the time of day and the place. The advantages these new features give users are that now it will not be necessary for you to leave the app in order to find the contact information.

Truecaller Users Reach The 100 Million Mark

Alan Mamedi, the Co-Founder and CEO of Truecaller said, “This is the first step we are taking to make Truecaller more intelligent and personal. We’ve made these advancement to save time for our users and make their lives less complicated when they want to get in touch with someone. Our ambition is to make your mobile phone smarter and become part of your mobile daily habits.”

For Truecaller to reach the 100 million mark, it had to double the numbers of daily newly registered users in just the last three months. Stats also show that online searches for the app hit 1.5 billion per month. Truecaller works by using algorithms to personalize search and will suggest for you the most relevant contact that you may want to get in touch with, with regards to your call history, time and place. Some of the new features on the new Truecaller are as follows:

Suggested Calls: With Truecaller you can now be reminded on who to call and what time; it achieves this by predicting which contacts you are most likely wishing to reach out to. Truecaller does this by making relevant suggestions basing on your call history and location. The app requires you to use it more often so that it can learn you calling habits and be in a better position to give you a more relevant prediction.

Make calls and send texts easily: With the newly upgraded Truecaller, making calls and sending text has never been easier. You simply pull up the user’s contact you want, swipe right to call that contact or swipe left to send a text to that contact. This new user interface is bound to give you a better user experience.

Contacts with complete profiles: You phonebook will now be up to date as far as your contacts information is concerned. Truecaller will now update your phonebook with the most recent profile details information about your contacts by adding social media profiles and photos giving you all the contact information you could need all in one place. As a user, you also have the liberty of choosing how you appear in your friend’s Truecaller phonebook according to how you update your Truecaller profile.

Better Search and Discovery: Truecaller gives you the option of searching for a contact beyond just your phone book. You will get access to the more than 1.5 billion contacts in its database. You will not find the need to search for contacts information beyond your current phonebook and Truecaller will always show you the most up to date information about a particular contact.

Users on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry can download the Truecaller 5.0 app. Users on Nokia Symbian platform can also download the app.

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