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Trump wants Telecoms bring futuristic 6G Network to Americans ASAP

by Felix Omondi
Trump wants Telecoms bring futuristic 6G Network to Americans ASAP

U.S. President Donald Trump is not impressed with the fact that America is not a pioneer in cutting edge wireless telecommunication technology. While 5G network exists in other markets; predominantly Asian markets. America and most of European countries still have 4G LTE network. He wants 6G network damn it!

In a tweet that has since turned to be the subject of ridicule by some news outlet, Trump demanded the deployment of 5G and even 6G network across USA asap. He appreciates the fact that this cutting edge wireless technology was much faster, powerful, and smarter what Americans currently have, but he see no reasons why America should be lagging behind Asian countries.

The US blocking out Chinese companies from its domestic Telecom market

You have probably read our features on Huawei’s troubles in America and Europe:

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And it is public knowledge Trump came into office with an agenda of neutralizing China’s growing global influence. Leading to the tariffs wars between the two countries. Huawei has been accused by intelligence chiefs in the U.S. (and spread across Europe) that it is working too closely with Beijing.

Thus installing Huawei equipment into the core network of telecommunication companies across the U.S. could provide a backdoor for the Chinese government to conduct cyber espionage. A tag Huawei has been fighting but doesn’t seem to be able to shake off.

Interestingly, Trump wants America to pioneer the “so obviously the future” technology that is 5G and 6G, but as things stand currently China among other Asian countries are in the lead.

We must always be the leader in everything we do, especially when it comes to the very exciting world of technology!,” concluded Trump in the tweet.

Trump wants America in the lead but not by blocking out competition (like they’re doing to Huawei) but “to win through competition, not by blocking out currently more advanced technologies.”

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