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Truppr Hooks You Up With Fitness Activities And Rewards You For It

by Felix Omondi
Truppr Hooks You Up With Fitness Activities And Rewards You For It

If you are looking to participate in any fitness activities in and around your city that can help you keep fit. Truppr is the app want to download and start using. This app classifies all the sports activities in and around your city; activities such as marathons, walks, aerobics, yoga, football, and basketball among others.

Not only does this app tell you where you can go to participate in these fitness activities, but also it rewards you for using it. To reap the rewards by Truppr, sign up for an event and check in at the venue on the day of the event using this app. There may be a plethora of other apps out there that can tell you where to get fitness activities, but very few (if any) will reward you for going to such events.

 The Truppr app has merged the spirit of keeping fit, sports, competition, fun and rewards all under one package. All users will get rewarded after completing each milestone.

How to use Truppr

>Sign up for a sports activity on the Truppr platform

>On the day of the event, check-in via Truppr app

>Earn points every time you do so

About Truppr

Truppr a social app designed to cater for the needs of sports lovers and individuals looking for activities to keep their bodies fit. The app allows users to find sports and fitness activities in and around their cities.

The platform was founded back in 2014 and has since registered over 10,500 users, over 15 sporting activities on the platform and hosted 941 events in multiple locations. So far, Truppr has had most of its users in Nigeria’s Cities like Lagos and Abuja among others. However, starting August 2015 it will be debuting in Nairobi, Kenya.

You can download the app on your mobile devices across the various mobile OS: Android, iOS, and Windows. For more information on Truppr, head on to its official website by clicking here.

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