Truppr…It’s like tinder, but for fitness

.........It’s like tinder, but for fitness

Truppr has released a major app update, this includes the “Work Out Buddy Request” feature. This feature allows you to send out a request to find a fitness partner near your location. The feature is on the new and improved app with thousands of downloads on both Android and iOS is said to be a new step to getting people more active as we approach 2017.

Communications Manager, Oge Odilibe said “Our app was previously focused on events. While, events still remain a part of our platform. This feature focuses on the user and allows him/her to find a workout partner in his/her location. It’s a great way to find an accountability partner or someone to keep you motivated.”

Truppr is a social tool that connects YOU to people and events to help make regular exercise a lifestyle. The app provides a platform for a vibrant community of fitness enthusiasts to make fitness a lifestyle.

The app is free and available on both Android and iOS devices. Check out our Truppr explainer video –

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