Try out the new Brave browser for top-notch Online Privacy and Security

brave browser

So the USA citizens are freaking out after things got easier for the ISPs to snoop around their internet activities and sell that information to advertisers. While most parts of the world have learned to live with the knowledge that their internet is being monitored and that privacy one must go out of their way to obtain.

If you want to be truly private and secure online, you must take matters into your hands. While many mainstream browsers claim to offer privacy under the private tab browsing, there are numerous cases I can cite where the effectiveness of the Private tab, Incognito Mode and InPrivate tab (as they are known in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge browsers respectively) were compromised.

While the Tor browser is a foolproof way to staying anonymous online, but only power users would leverage the most out of it. The typical user finds using Tor too technical for everyday use, and for that reason. Tor is not recommended for the average Jane and John out there for their daily computing.

Brave is cutting a new niche in the Private Tab Browser Space

By no means is Brave entering uncharted territories, there are browsers like Chrome and Firefox just to mention a few. However, Brave has inbuilt Tor Project’s network identity-hiding technology in its private browsing mode. This feature leaves no traces of your online activities and fools every site you are visiting into thinking you are there for the first time.

In essence, you get Tor network level of privacy without the technical setting needed to utilize the Tor browser effectively. Brave’s private tab is essentially browsing on Tor and delivers all the unfulfilled promises by other mainstream browsers’ private tab.

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