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Tunesbro Software’s WinGeeker Review: The Best Password and Data Recovery Tool

by Fahad Saleem

Tunesbro software studio is the most powerful data recovery software which lets you recover anything from your laptop, PC, storage media, hard drive, or digital device. You can easily recover your files, photos, videos, etc. The product has proven to be quite successful when it comes to recovery of lost data. The Tunesbro software studio is 100% clean and secure. The software is virus-free. Its qualified support team provides free technical support for any issues within 24 hours. There are no annoying ads or popups in both the trial and paid version of the software.

Forgotten or misplaced your Windows password? Don’t worry! WinGeeker, a tool by Tunesbro, is the ultimate solution to reset Windows administrator and user password without the need to reinstall the system or lose data. It supports all Windows OS like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2000 and almost all file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, etc. Also, Wingeeker supports nearly all Windows servers such as 2000/2003/2008/2018. The software guarantees 100% recovery rate. It is perfectly compatible with UEFI, DSI, BIOS boot modes. The time it takes to create the reset disk and implement the password reset is the best and there is no limit on password length.

Recover Windows Password

The Windows password reset option is designed in such a way that anyone could follow it without any instructions. Wingeeker provides its users with two ways to create a Windows password reset disk: CD/DVD or a USB flash drive. You can create a bootable reset disk with CD/DVD by burning the required ISO image file on your CD/DVD. Or you can create a bootable reset disk with a USB drive. The software supports almost 60 USB brands and models. Wingeeker allows the user to reset up to five types of passwords: administrator, windows server, Microsoft, user, and guest passwords.


Steps to Remove Windows Login

WinGeeker is the simplest and well-designed solution to remove Windows login. The software has a very decent and simple graphical user interface to avoid any complexity. All the users have to do is, make a few clicks with their mouse to recover their password without any hassle.

Download the Tunesbro and install it on the PC which is not locked.

Right click on the tool icon and select ‘run as administrator’.

Insert the flash drive and run the program. When prompted to select the media type, choose USB drive.

Click on Burn USB to burn the ISO program file into the flash drive.
Finally, click ok to finish the process.

Now, unplug the USB drive and insert it into the locked computer.


Enter into the BIOS boot mode menu and select USB or CD/DVD drive under boot device priority. This will load the program onto the locked computer.

Choose the account you want to unlock and click on reset password and then reboot button to restart the PC.

Is Wingeeker a Useful Tool?

In conclusion, Wingeeker is the simplest and user-friendly tool to use. It is the easiest password reset tool which doesn’t give you an irritating popup and doesn’t require unnecessary subscriptions. It has several million downloads and it doesn’t run into any compatibility issue. In my experience, everything runs smoothly in the software and there is no such negative aspect.

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