Turn Your iPhone into a DSLR Camera with Moment Case


Moment is providing a brand new case on Kickstarter that will transform your iPhone 6 into even better camera. The features of Moment case complement the versatility of your iPhone 6. The beautiful case provides a multi-state shutter button that turns iPhone into DSLR. You can use the built-in mount for easily attaching the firm’s interchangeable lens.

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The Moment case is quite slim, crafted to improve your experience with iPhone 6 while using it as a camera. It is available in all-black or black and white options. The polycarbonate case weighs just 46g and contains a lens mount interface. It also contains a raised grip which becomes home for a physical shutter button and camera strap mount.

Moment case also features a propriety lens interface that makes it compatible with the famous Wide and Telephoto smartphone optics of the firm, and being built into the case. It doesn’t require users for attaching the metal plate to the back of their phone. The users can also leave lenses mounted between shots. The lens can be recognized automatically when used n combination with the free Moment app.

The most impressive feature of the Moment case is the presence of the multi-state shutter button. This feature would be loved by many iPhone 6 users. The shutter button is powered by the coin cell battery and connects to iPhone 6 via Bluetooth LE. It provides quick and responsive capturing experience for users. The shutter button allows users to snap photos in a more natural way. When you half-press, the photo will be locked, and full0pressing will take the photo. When you hold the shutter button, the burst mode will be triggered.

The Moment Case contains a machined and reinforced aluminum bar under the raised grip which can be employed for connecting the majority of camera wrist or neck straps. You can carry your iPhone 6 in the same manner as camera where you can start using it immediately. This option is really good when you have to take a lot of photos.

The free iOS app Moment App complements well with its physical version. It recognizes the lens used and provides relevant features. The app also provides more control by combining presses of shutter button with on-screen touch features. The shutter button can be used for exposure and focus. When you slide your finger on the screen, you can fine-tune the lighting.

The target of US$100,000 is already achieved by Moment Case on Kickstarter. It is expected that it will start shipping in June. You just need to spend $49 for getting iPhone 6 Moment Case, while $125 will guarantee you one Moment lens (Wide or Tele) in addition to the case. Turn iPhone into DSLR with Moment Case and experience the fun and enjoyment in snapping professional photos.

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