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How to Turn Off, Disable Live Tiles in Windows 10 [Guide]

by Fahad Saleem

Microsoft launched Live Tiles feature with a lot of hopes. It is a feature coming directly from Windows 8, so naturally, it had a stigma attached around it as Windows 8 was almost a failure. Seriously, I don’t see a point in live tiles feature. Windows 10 Live Tiles show you live and direct information, coming synced and rendered from the internet. For example, one tile will show you weather information, news and other stuff which is prone to change and users might be interested in getting updates. But do you really click on the start menu to see the live tiles in order to check weather, temperature and news? No! you just use Google, or your mobile where you have all the weather and news app. Windows 10 Live tiles, in this way, become clutter. That’s why many people have asked how to disable and turn off Live Tiles in Windows 10. The good news is that you can disable Windows 10 live tiles pretty easily. You will get a lot of area and your start menu will look minimal.

 Disable Live Tiles in Windows 10

Disable a Single Tile

In order to turn off a single Windows 10 live tile, just go the start menu and right click on the tile you want to get rid off. When you right click, you will see a list where an option named “More” will be placed. Go to it and you will see the option to turn off the tile. That’s it. This is one way of disabling Live tile. But this is just for a single tile, right?

IMage: Ghacks

IMage: Ghacks

Disable All Windows 10 Live Tiles

There is another way to turn off all the Windows 10 Live tiles. For that, there are two options. You can either use Group Policy Editor or Registry. Group Policy is not available for many editions, but I will talk about both of these methods so that you can try and get the job done.

From Group Policy Editor

Type gpedit.msc in the Windows search feature and hit Enter.

You will see a UAC warning/prompt. Just allow, confirm and proceed. You will see that the Local Group Policy Editor gets opened.

You will see a complete hierarchy of options and buttons on the left pane. Head over to Local Computer Policy > User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Star Menu and Taskbar > Notifications and you will see the option “Turn off tile notifications” on the right side of the Windows in the main section as shown in the image below. Double click on this option and set it to “enabled”.

Image: Ghacks

Image: Ghacks

This is it. This is one way to disable Windows 10 Live Tiles. Let’s see the second way.

From Registry

Type regedit.exe in your Windows search bar and hit Enter. Confirm and proceed on the system prompt.

Now move on to the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\PushNotifications

Now, right click on the PushNotifications and select New > Dword (32-bit) Value. Rename this to NoTileApplicationNotification.

Now double click on it and set its value to 1.

disable windows 10 live tile 3

image: Ghacks

That’s all there is to it. Using the above methods you can turn off Windows 10 live tiles. Tell us in case of any question or confusion.

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