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How To Turn Off/On Repeat Song in iPhone, iPad

by Fahad Saleem

Music is life for many people around the world. When it comes to facing challenging situations, times before the exam, fitness, workouts, handling anxiety and tough times, meticulously crafted playlists could do wonders. Most of us use repeat song feature in iPhone, iPod or iPad to keep on playing the songs we love. We also reshuffle the playlists or add songs to playlists and then use the repeat song. But many users are confused on how to turn on/off repeat song in iPhone or iPad after some latest updates. This article will tell you all the ways using which you can turn off or on the repeat song in iPhone. Whether you are using iOS 9 or past versions of iOS, you will get your problem solved.

Turn Off/On Repeat Song in iPhone, iPad

First Solution

If you want to turn off repeat song in iPhone in iOS 8 or iOS 9, just follow the steps given below.

Open any playlist or random isolated song and play it. It doesn’t matter where you play it in the Apple Music app.

Now, you will see a narrow bar near the bottom with the pause button. You will also see song title and other detailed along this bar. Just press and tap that bar in the center over the title.

The title window will be expanded as soon as you do the above step. At the bottom lie the repeat options, in the form of two arrows in a circle. Press the repeat button until it doesn’t get highlighted in the gray color or highlighted with a 1 (repeat song).

When you tap the repeat button on the left bottom, it also shows you options like “Repeat All”, Repeat Song” etc. Select according to your own choice. For example, if you want to repeat the complete playlist, just tap the complete all option.

repeat song iphone 1

repeat song iphone 2

repeat song iphone 3

Second Solution

Another great way to turn on or off repeat song in iPhone is to tap the icon of repeat. That is pretty much the same trick we did above, but this method is mostly useful for the single songs. So if you think that a single song is enough to motivate you or keep you happy for the next several hours, just open the song and tap on the circular cycle icon until its orange or yellow (depends on the iOS version).

turn off on repeat song iphone 1

Which Color Shows What?

Here are some of the color codes for that repeat icon which you should keep in mind. Different colors of that repeat icon have different meanings.

If the repeat icon has no color, it means no repeat.

If the color of the repeat icon is blue, the complete playlist is one the repeat mode.

The colored with number 1 means repeat the individual track.

That’s it. This was how to On or Off Repeat song iPhone or iPad. Give us your feedback in the comments and keep sending us your queries about tech.

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