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 Turn Your Social Networking Into A Game With MyLaddr [iOS App]

by Fahad Saleem

Turn Your Social Networking Into A Game With MyLaddr [iOS App]

People have different point of views regarding social media, some believe that it is useless and waste of your time, where as other simply can’t comprehend their lives without it. People belonging to the latter category have introduced the concept of competition into social media. If you are searching for a way to turn your day to day social update into something a little more fun, MyLaddr is the right app for you.

I often wonder that one social activity I spend most of my time doing.  Who is the most social among my friends? How to compare my social life with my friends’ social life? MyLaddr gave me the answer to all of these questions. It is a fun loving app for socially active iPhone users, who love to be at number one when it comes to being social among their friends.

The app is very simple and easy to use, the first step is to login into the app using your Facebook account. Then choose and add co-players — the people you want to compete with from your Facebook –, in case these friends don’t have MyLaddr you can invite them to download it and points are awarded for adding new co-players. After you have attended any kind of social event make an entry in MyLaddr, you can also add names of co-players that were with you.

laddr 2

To make an entry, you have to create a new event, define the type of event, its occasion, where it was, and who all were there. Then upload pictures of you and your co-players of the event to prove that you did go to that particular event. MyLaddr will then generate points that you have earned.

laddr 3

To view your own rank against your friends select MyLaddr section, you can also see from where your friends are earning their recent point by scrolling down to see more in MyLaddr section. You can view all the details regarding your co-players from the Player section and the status are earned on the bases of what you have recently done.

laddr 4


You can also explore future option by selecting your profile picture on top right hand side. This will open the menu that will allow you to make changes such as adding and deleting a player, future stats and tutorials on how to use MyLaddr.

To Download MyLaddr Click Here



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