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Turning Your Photos into Comics with Pages [Tutorial]

by Fahad Saleem

 Turning Your Photos into Comics with Pages [Tutorial]

Your MAC comes with a wonderful feature that can convert your photos in various forms and arts. One thing that you might not have tried is crafting your pictures into your own comic book. By using a range of page features, and following some simple principles, you can easily build your own simple story by including images to a document and positioning them in order. The process is pretty much simple and offers a unique way for sharing your photos with family and friends. You may complete the story by yourself by adding the story to it.

You may also use the existing site of photos to line them up for writing the story. You may produce a linear timeline in the form of a comic book sequence. The following details will help you in creating comic book background and creating images with frames. You may create as many comic book pages as you like. When it is complete, you may save it in PDF format.

Create the Background

Make a new, blank page layout project either in the orientation of portrait or landscape. Choose a square from the menu of shapes and fill it with black color by covering the entire canvas with the square.

Add an Image


After clicking the media button, drag your first picture on the timeline. Click the inspector button and then the Graphic Inspector tab with the image selected. You need to click the picture frame from the Stroke menu and opt for the second frame style from the drop-down menu. Scale slider should be moved to 50%.

comics add image

Position Your Images

You can resize the images and drag them at the top-left of the canvas. You can continue adding the images in the same manner.

Mask Images


In order to remove the background, and focus on more of the subject, you need to select the image and choose the option of “Mask with Shape” then Rectangle from the format menu. Edit mask slider to adjust the image size.

comics image

Lock Your Images


You may lock your images so that they can’t be deleted. To do this, select them all and click each one in turn. Select “Lock” from the “Arrange Menu” to lock all of them.

comics lock

Add Captions, Speech Bubbles


Choose a rectangular shape and fill it with the white color. From the inspector graphic inspector tab, select the line from “Stroke Menu” and set the line color to black and the size to 2 points.

comics bubbles

Edit Captions, Speech Bubbles

Click textbox from the toolbar and adjust the shape and size of the captions and speech bubbles. Drag the text box over the top of your caption or bubble to fit the font and text box size.

Share Your Comic Book


Using the pages button from the toolbar, continue adding pages to your story. When you are done, click on “Print” from file menu with PDF as printer source. You can also choose the option of “Export” from the share menu and save it as a PDF document.

comics share

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