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Twin Teens Spread the Word of Robotics

by Maya Johnson

Twin Teens Spread the Word of Robotics

Rachel (left) and Hanna Tipperman, founders of Robot Springboard

Hannah and Rachel Tipperman run a nonprofit camp called Robot Springboard, where they teach robotics to kids in middle school and high school. They have travelled to many places such as Alaska, Costa Rica and Boston. The most amazing part of this…they are only 17-years old.

The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote about the twins, saying they are seniors at the all-girl Baldwin School and that they hope to show kids, especially girls, what’s possible in the world of robotics. Many parents of the kids they teach think the twins’ father, Richard Tipperman is their instructor. In reality, he is their assistant, as well as a chauffeur and heavy lifter, according to the girls.

Hannah and Rachel do odd jobs in order to pay for their travels, such as babysitting and selling old clothes. They also have friends and family members who donate money to them.

Their first camp took place in Homer, Alaska in June 2013.

We chose to start there because we wanted to prove to ourselves and everyone else that our nonprofit could succeed,” they told the Inquirer.

The twins found their love for robotics in seventh grade when Hannah “spotted a flier for a robotics program.” She admitted to the Inquirer that she could’ve gone the rest of her life not realizing her love for programming.

Last year they contacted the head of the Monteverde Friends School in Costa Rica named Francisco Burgos, and pitched their robotics curriculum to him. At the school, the girls ran a camp for a weekend where they taught 120 children. Burgos admitted to the Inquirer that he saw a change happening in the classroom and that the twins “planted a seed in my kids.”

The Tipperman sisters have done more with their talents than anyone in their age group.

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