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Twitter Appoints Ad Dynamo As Its Exclusives Ad Sales Partner in South Africa

by Milicent Atieno

Twitter Appoints Ad Dynamo As Its Exclusives Ad Sales Partner in South Africa

Twitter currently commands over 255 million avid users and several brands across the globe. It has become a formidable tool for businesses especially in advertising and on how companies and entrepreneurs interact with their customers as they try to reach out to new markets. Already, several African companies are on the Twitter platform interacting with their customers as they actively market themselves organically.

Statistics shows that up to 60% of Twitter users follow at least a minimum of one brand. While 76% of the users access the Twitter platform via their mobile phone, this enables advertisers to catch the people while they are on the go, and at that moment when the advertiser’s content is most relevant to them. Reports show that one in every three people that saw a brand via Twitter end up making a purchase of that brand product.

Ad Dynamo is a South African company founded back in 2009 and prides itself of being the one stop shop for all of the advertisers’ digital advertising needs. It has branches in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Zambia and Uganda managing more than 52,000 publishers throughout the continent. Twitter has just appointed Ad Dynamo to become its exclusive ad sales partner in South Africa; this would mean that Ad Dynamo will work with marketing agencies and brands as Twitter’s point of contact.

Twitter’s Vice President of Direct Sales for EMEA, Ali Jafari said, “Companies have been on Twitter since day one. People come to the platform to connect with what they’re interested in, whether that is a sports team, musician, or brand. By targeting Twitter conversations and engagements based on these interests, brands have the opportunity to grow their communities, tell their story, increase loyalty and ultimately increase referrals and sales… The South African market is an especially good fit for Twitter given the high percentage of mobile usage, and we are excited to be partnering with Ad Dynamo to bring Twitter ads to local advertisers.”

Sean Riley, CEO of Ad Dynamo said, “Every brand has a story. And Twitter can help share yours. Brands that are finding it challenging to cut through the clutter and connect with their customers are using Twitter to create meaningful, targeted and measurable interactions with the right people at the right moment in time. We’re seeing brands putting a toe in the water, first with organic activity and then with their first paid campaigns, and then immediately coming back for more when they see the results.”

Advertisers should welcome the news of Ad Dynamo appointment by Twitter as its direct sales partners with big smiles. Since this means that advertisers can access the same products, services and pricing as if they were dealing directly with Twitter. Ad Dynamo as an agent will represent Twitter not just in South Africa but in other African markets including Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Twitter Appoints Ad Dynamo As Its Exclusives Ad Sales Partner in South Africa

Ad Dynamo is set to use Twitter’s advertisement tools which include the following:

  • Promoted Tweets to reach out to current and potential Twitter followers, who might be interested in your brand account.
  • Promoted Accounts that build up active communities with influencers and advocates.
  • Promoted Trends that enable advertisers to track popular topics that are currently trending.
  • Analytics that essentially refers to Twitters brands and agencies used for its Ad Products that can track the performance of Twitter Ads activity.

It is now time for entrepreneurs and companies in Africa to appreciate the power of ICT especially as a digital advertising platform in order to attract more business to themselves.

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