Twitter bruising egos online by alerting users when someone unfollows them

Is there someone on your Twitter News Feeds who annoys you, posts irrelevant content, or is outright boring? Well, you can unfollow them and not feel guilty about it, unless of course, you know they will be proactively checking out, you follow them.

It will be awkward if the person you are following is someone you are most likely going to bump into as you go about your day. But there is always the chance that they may never know you unfollowed them. Especially if they have hundreds of followers.

That used to be the norm, until sometime early this month when users started complaining of being notified of someone who already followed them, having followed them.

As it works out, there has been a bug in Twitter’s system, which sends out a notification to someone you unfollow. What makes things worse, is that it notifies them that you have followed them; while in reality, you have unfollowed them.

In the past, which is the norm, when you unfollow someone, they get no notification. They may, however, get a notification when you follow them; it’s an opt-in feature. But there has never been a feature letting people know who unfollowed them and when.

The bug in Twitter’s system now lets people know you unfollowed them, by erroneously alerting them that you have followed them. So if you are thinking of knocking someone out of your list of friends on Twitter, you may want to lay off the unfollow button for a while. At least when Twitter fixes this bug; yes, they have acknowledged it is a bug in the system.

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