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Twitter shuts down Mac App, but here are the next best two alternatives

by Milicent Atieno

On Friday this week, Twitter announced that the Mac App for its social media will no longer be available for downloads; which was effected immediately. The company further said that support for the currently running Twitter Mac App will end in 30 days’ time.

That move begs the question on if Twitter was really committed to the Mac App. Stats by the company reveal that most people on Mac often access the social media via the web interface.

We’re focusing our efforts on a great Twitter experience that’s consistent across platforms. So starting today the Twitter for Mac App will no longer be available for download, and in 30 days will no longer be supported” – Twitter tweeted the announcement.

The company went ahead to direct users who have come to rely on the Mac App to instead visit the web instead. The good thing about the web version is that it is consistent in terms of design and UX across the mobile app, mobile web, and desktop web.

However, if the similar experience across platform is not what you are interested in, and you really hate the move by the company to deprecate the Mac App platform, here are some ‘next best alternatives.’

The next best alternatives for Twitter Mac App

Well, the good news is that the official Twitter Mac App is not the only Twitter experience you can have on a Mac. There are actually two alternatives that provide a good Twitter experience on Mac; if not better. However, the options do come at a premium price.


This app has been available on iOS for years, but just recently made available under the Mac apps category.twitter mac app

Though many of its features resemble that of Tweetbot below in terms of features in support of multiple accounts, timeline syncing, and more. However, Twitterrific shines when it comes to customization. You can select between having dark or light them, change the font type, font size, customize the appearance of photos and videos across your timeline among many more.

It is important to note that Twitterrific holds a special relationship with long-time Twitter users; it was the very first Twitter client to have ever been made. To use this app, you will have to part with about $19.99, though it is currently on sale at $7.99.

Tweetbot for Mac

If what you want is a robust Twitter client with all the bells and whistles to keep you ahead of your Twitterati game, then Tweetbot has been a reliable app for Mac for several years now. The app supports multiple accounts, lists, column views, and mute filters among other features.twitter mac app

If you have been using the Tweetbot app for iPad or iPhone, using it on a Mac will be a nice complement complete with full sync of activities on your timeline, unread status, and mute filters taking place seamlessly across devices. Though you will need to part with $9.99 to download it from the Mac App Store.

The Limitations that comes with 3rd Party Apps

Twitter, understandably keeps some killer features locked out to third-party developers. By denying developers full access to their API, they keep certain features unique to the official Twitter client; web or mobile app experience.

For one, you can conduct polls only on the official Twitter platforms. Users on third-party apps cannot create or view Twitter polls. Though Twitterrific does indicate that a tweet contains a poll, and you can switch to the web or official mobile app to view

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