Two Gorillas seized a Kodak Moment and their Selfies went viral

Take a look at the picture. The two gorillas are almost posing for the camera, and there is no doubt that they are staring directly into the camera. The two, Ndakazi and Ndeze look like they have been trained for a photo shoot, except they are not.

In fact, the picture was not predetermined, and it was simply a snap at the right time and the right pose. Mathieu Shamavu, a Virunga ranger at the Senkwekwe Center for Orphaned Mountain Gorillas was taking the two out for a routine walk (and workout).

We let them loose so they are at ease. They were curious about what was happening. They stood up. And when they stood up, I took my phone because I didn’t want to lose the shot because it was exceptional,” said Shamavu.

When they saw me take out my phone, they dropped what they were doing, spotted the camera and watched.”

The picture immediately went viral and looking closely at the picture, you don’t need to be told why they went viral.

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